Check It Out: We Suck!

The LA Daily News has a screaming front page story today that reads L.A. gets D+ grade for lifestyle (no registration required or inane linking policy to circumvent.)

It starts:
“With soaring housing costs, bad schools, horrendous traffic jams and a dearth of well-paying jobs, Southern California’s once-golden lifestyle continues to dim, a scorecard released Thursday by the regional planning agency shows.”

I’d write more, but I have to leave so I can start my 1 hour-to-drive-10-miles commute home.

4 thoughts on “Check It Out: We Suck!”

  1. Yeah, but we also have this spectacular weather in the midst of Feb…red tailed hawks circling the canyon, whales migrating up the coast, amazingly open minded citizens, and create the art the rest of the world gauges themselves by (yeah, I’m talking TV & films)…..not to mention espresso banana milkshakes!!!!

  2. Gees, that banana espresso is that good huh?
    I’ll have to try it even though I don’t drink coffee. (I do like bananas.)

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