Woohoo, Public Transportation

My car-less state has been getting me down lately, so whenever I’m not working like crazy, I’ve been looking for stuff to do that’s easily accessible via train or bus. When I saw Xeni’s post about tonight’s RES screening, I thought, “Hey, isn’t the Egyptian Theater near a Metro stop?”

A quick check of Metro’s trip planner revealed that I wouldn’t even have to walk to the red line — a bus to Hollywood and Highland stops right on my corner. It was really easy to get to the show, and fun to watch a bunch of music videos on the big screen (there were lots of puppets and a few kittens involved).

I wasn’t looking forward to waiting at the bus stop by myself afterwards, but I ended up having a long chat with some guy from Connecticut who moved to L.A. to become a rock star. We talked about about how great L.A. is if you’re used to east coast winters, and he told me that if I really want to make my dreams come true, it’s not about hoping, it’s about planning.

I’m still “planning” to get a car as soon as I can afford one, but in the meantime, does anyone have any other suggestions for fun stuff to do that’s public-transportation accessible?

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  1. I’ll agree with the ExperienceLA suggestion… The site does do a good job outlining transit oriented excursions.

    I don’t know where exactly you’re starting from, so I’ll just name a few destinations I’ve taken transit to lately.

    – Sunday I took the Red Line over to Hollywood/Vine to go see music at the Hotel Cafe.

    – A week or two ago I took a bus to the Farmer’s Market at 3rd/Fairfax. An easy ride from Downtown.

    – I hate CityWalk, but it’s more pallatable when you get there via the Red Line and don’t have to pay the ridiculous parking fees.

    – Downtown Long Beach (the terminus for the Blue Line) is a fun destination. Lots of restaurants, nightlife, etc.

    – And of course Downtown LA… You can get here via transit from anywhere, and there’s always more to explore.


  2. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ve been checking out experienceLA. Since I’m still pretty new to the city, there are a ton of places I haven’t been to yet.

    E, I hate Citywalk, too, but it’s kind of in my neighborhood. Universal City is the closest metro stop to my house (a 10 or 15 minute walk).

  3. I witnessed a mother and her daughters on a rapid bus 720 tour of los angeles. I met them at a cafe at the 720 stop on grand and 5th street after being called an idiot by movie production people in front of th elibrary tower, and of course being profiled by an LAPD Detective near pinots when I told a lady in an suv she was pushing an orange street cone under her left front wheel. When she got out of the car he walked up to her and asked if she needed any back up the whole while pointing at me. I chased him up the sidewalk and told him I wasn’t a criminal, he turned and began wlaking towards me like he was gonna do something, all the while I was wearing a reelect JAn Perry T-shirt , for some reason I forgot Iwas wearing it and when he saw the t-shirt and I yelled re-elect Jan Perry he walked as fast as he could and I couldn’t see where he went. I mean he disapperaed.

    ANyway,, enoough of that. E. I think many people do take bus tours of teh city. It is intersting.

  4. Don, I saw that lady driving with the cone stuck under her SUV too. She drove right past the central library and didnt seem to notice. Why did the lapd people get mad? Anyhow arent they retired guys who sit on their bikes during filming?

  5. Does anyone know if there are any LA blogs that focus on public transit and the MTA regularly? For those of us who depend on it daily it would be great to have a site to share experiences and work together to improve things. While the MTA has improved over there years there are problems that aren’t being address (like escalators that are perpetually broken! looks like the Mitsubishi contractors have great job security).

  6. This cop was in a suit and tie, looked like he was going to cafe pinot for lunch. There were like 6 parked lapd city cars including one unmarked cars parked in front of pinot.

    anyway he thoguht I was probably someone trying to steal her car or something. Thee movie people police talk to me all the time , it was a production assisatnt who called me an idiot.

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