Silver Lake Coffee Bonus Hours!


I about crapped my pants when I saw this sign. Unfortunately I’d left the digi cam at home so this camphone shot will need to do the trick. That’s right, Silver Lake Coffee is now open much, much later. As anyone who knows me knows I love this place. The best coffee in town coupled with free wi-fi – it’s amazing. The problem has been that they shut down early. Er, they used to. They also just painted the place and I’m digging the dark red walls way more than than the hippy-yelllow they were previously. So of course, this means you can get your bananna espressos smoothies after dinner now too.

One thought on “Silver Lake Coffee Bonus Hours!”

  1. Makes me wish they’d concoct some sort of Chantico-type elixer (or do they?) so I could get that in a banana smoothie. Dammmm.

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