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While watching “The Apprentice” last night (and by the way, what an idiot that guy was), one of the local news teases was, “And coming up, could all of this rain be affecting more than the roads? How all of this weather could be affecting your MOOD.”

Are they serious? Isn’t there any real news? First of all, what they’re calling weather is known in other parts of the country as “drizzle.” How can they report on this while hundreds of thousands are still piecing their lives back together after the tsunami? I’m sorry, but for those of you Los Angelenos who are bummed out about the rain, suck it up.

It’s rain. Go live in New England for 10 minutes if you think this is a harsh winter. You’ll be praying for the days when all you got was rain. OK, I’ll dismount from my high, born and bred in frigid New Hampshire and still just relieved when I don’t have to scrape ice off of my car in the morning, horse.

The nice thing about this time of year is that Santa Anita is open and what better weekend to bet on the ponies than the weekend off before the Superbowl? I can’t think of one. Oh, and they have a big roof so don’t let the rain scare you off.

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  1. Shane, consider yourself lucky that you were watching NBC — on Fox last night, the big news story coming up at 11 was about “a carp with human features!”

    I wish I were kidding.

  2. Since I work in tv news, it is refreshing to hear that others DO see the sad humor that has become “teases” for our newscasts (believe me, those of us in local tv news feel the groan factor as well).

    However, as a transplanted midwesterner I can tell you weather here scares the CRAP out of a lot of people. When I first moved out here and we wanted to do a “storm preview” story I would be like “what the hell? We’re supposed to get half an inch of rain, how is that news? It’s WEATHER. IT HAPPENS.”

    Well, no. After living here almost a decade I can say that a lot of people out here get concerned over everyday “rain”, if simply cause weather out here hardly ever changes from sunny and 70. People out here are so used to sunshine and nice temps that if you tell someone “it might get COLD this week, like lows in the 30’s”, people actually care. They worry about rain because people here can’t drive for crap in it so they want to know if they should set their alarm clocks an hour earlier. They want to know if they might end up having a bad hair day cause it’s drizzing.

    Yes, as someone who grew up around blizzards, tornadoes and all sorts of other “weather” I sympathize with those of you who say “what the hell is wrong with people out here – it’s only RAIN.” But for a lot of people here, especially SoCal natives, the thought of “weather” is a thing of concern.

  3. Just wanna pipe up and say that as one of those SoCal natives Eliza eludes to above, the weather isn’t a thing of concern. There may not be many of us L.A. lifers who conscientiously take any precipitation and lower temps in stride, but were out there.

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