artLA in full effect

Caryn just made a post about artLA. The opening reception benefiting MOCA Contemporaries was tonight and we just got home after being there since about 9am. So yes, we’re tired. Caryn’s post gives you all kind of details about what went down, including the painting that someone tried to steal right off the wall. Doors open to the public tomorrow and we’ll be there (both #13) all day ever day until it closes on Sunday evening. I have to say, after attending a hand full of art fairs in the past year that the quality of work at this one blows SCOPE LA, SCOPE Miami, and NADA out of the water. Definitely worth checking out if you can this weekend. Sunday morning at 10am Caryn is moderating a panel discussion on technology (blogs) and art writing – unfortunately I’ll be in the booth so I won’t be able to see it so if anyone feels like filming it that would rock.