An ‘Only in L.A.’ Story…

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share a quintessential L.A. story that my friend Loren had earlier this week:

So, several prints later, I had some documents to mail, which brings us back to the photo mailers.

I decided to try the local mailbox store first, to keep the money in the community if possible. As I entered, the sole employee was carrying a giant box around and asked me what I needed.

“I need some photo mailers for 8x10s,” I informed him.

“Like this one?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll take three if you have them.”

After a little more exploring, he came up with one more.

Then, as we said our farewells, and I carried my photo mailers to my car, he wished me luck. “I hope you get the part,” he said.

Only in Los Angeles.

One thought on “An ‘Only in L.A.’ Story…”

  1. I don’t think it’s clear from the snippet that the “only in L.A.” part of the story is that the photos in question were from a birthday party and not headshots.

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