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Forget trying to find vegetarian/vegan tacos – go check out a new vegan food company Playfood. They have been doing vegan catering (they were supposed to have been at the last sixspace opening but rain dealt its cruel hand) and soon they will be opening their own vegan restaurant in Studio City.

Periodically Playfood hosts a food serving event. On Wednesday from 12-8pm they will again be serving vegan food in Sherman Oaks. For more information please call 818-784-4444.

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Here is the menu

Cooked Menu

Cheese Pockets RudyĆ­s Organic Sourdough Bread filled with Silly Cheeze $4

Taco Corn tortilla filled with Nacheezmo and wild rice meat, topped with
onions, tomatoes, Cream Tang, salsa and a side of guacamole $4

Fun Patty Burger patty with vegenaise, Silly Cheeze, tomato, lettuce, and
onion on a bun $6

Fried Chicken Homeade wheat chicken fried to perfection $2 a piece

Fries $3

Quesadillas Flour Tortilla Filled with Nacheezmo, topped with onions,
tomatoes, Cream Tang, salsa and a side of guacamole $4

Raw Menu

Cream of Mushroom Soup $4

Raw Taco Wild rice meat, Nacheezmo, Cream Tang, salsa, and guacamole
wrapped in a collard leaf $5

Stuffed Chili Chili stuffed with taco meat, Cream Tang, and enchilada
sauce small $4 large $6

Chipotle Spread Pockets Onion, tomato, chipotle spread (pepitas, avocado,
and chipotle) sour cream, choice of cheese, wrapped in a cabbage leaf $5

Potato Mash with Pesto Mashed cauliflower topped with pesto $6

Greens Swiss chard, kale and collards with onions, lemon juice, olive oil,
and mineral salt, $4

Mexican Pizza Nacheezmo, chipotle spread, taco meat, tomato, onion,
cilantro, sour cream, and salsa on zucchini bread or butternut squash
bread $10

Italian Pizza Pesto, olives, red onion, tomato, parmesan and whip cheeze
on zuchinni bread or butternut squash bread $10

Ice Cream Cashew based ice cream topped with raw or cooked chocolate
sauce in a waffle bowl $4

Orange Julius Orange Juice and cashew cream $3

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  1. Caryn, this post makes me happy for a few reasons: This place is really close to where I live (within walking distance), and it sounds fun and tasty! And also, you’ve solved a neighborhood mystery — A while ago, I walked by their building with my friend and we saw the Playfood sign. Since it didn’t appear to be a restaurant or anything, we were wondering what the heck it was (the best we could guess was that they were a company that made toy food for kids).

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