Los Angeles Magazine on Los Angeles Blogs

Get ready for the most uninformative post you’ve read all day! Looks like the Feb issue of Los Angeles Magazine is out and there’s a story about Los Angeles Blogs. Unfortunately the story isn’t online so I can’t link to it, and on their site the current issue is listed as December 04 so you are just going to have to go out to the newsstand and pick it up yourself. A few months back we exchanged a few e-mails with them and I’ve been dying to read the story so I guess after I post this I’ll be newsstand bound myself. Anyway the other blogs that got some props are our sister site Art.blogging.la, , LA Voice, Defamer, The Elegant Variation, Sports by Brooks, LA Observed, and LAist. A pretty good group for sure but how they overlooked LA Blogs or Tony Pierce is beyond me. So go get it. Now! [via LAist]

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