Air Amaerica Back in LA

Aw hell, I’m just quoting this one:

“Well, it took a little longer than expected, but it’s finally happening. has a shot of the promotional billboard, and the details:

Clear Channel/LA will make it official today when it announces that the liberal progressive talk radio network will debut at KXTA (1150 AM) on February 3. Al Franken, the anchor for the Air America format heard in 48 markets, will go up against Rush Limbaugh at KFI and Bill O’Reilly at KABC. Ed Shultz is set for noon to 3 p.m. Randi Rhodes in afternoons and Janeane Garofalo early evenings. The new programming will certainly provide an alternative for those who complain that L.A. talk radio airs nothing but conservative talk.

Move was finally ready now that Clear Channel has moved its XTRA sports programming off XTRA/690 and KXTA/1150 AM and on to KLAC/570 AM. As already reported, 690 AM is taking over the KLAC adult standards format.

As you may remember, Air America briefly aired here when it launched last April. But a financial dispute quickly yanked it off KBLA/1580 AM, which went back to Spanish-language news and talk. Air America was quickly dismissed as a failure — but then a funny thing happened. Fueled partly by the contentious presidential campaign, progressive talk stations in New York, San Diego, Portland and elsewhere started pulling some pretty strong numbers. And in a strange twist of fate, Clear Channel — frequently criticized for the actions of its right-wing talk stations — has started rolling out left-leaning talk outlets around the company.”

so says Franklin Avenue.