Guns in Los Angeles

Anyone who has a gun knows that in Los Angeles it’s basically impossible to get a license to carry that gun. This means that while it might be perfect for defending yourself if someone breaks into your house – if someone tries to mug you on the street it’s not going to do much good. The National Association of Chiefs of Police released its 17th Annual Survey of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs and it has an interesting section on this kind of thing:

“With regard to private citizens owning firearms for sport or self-defense, 93.6 percent of the respondents supported civilian gun-ownership rights. Ninety-six percent of the police chiefs and sheriffs believe criminals obtain firearms from illegal sources and 92.2 percent revealed they hadn’t arrested anyone for violation of the so-called “waiting period” laws. When asked if citizens concealed-weapons permits would reduce violent crime, 63.1 percent said yes.”

It’s pretty interesting that the vast majority of Police Chiefs know that allowing citizens to have guns makes people safer, and most of them are happy to say that honest citizens being allowed to carry a concealed weapon will help reduce crime that in a city like LA where the constant complaint is that there are not enough police officers on the streets to be effective in reducing crime the people making the decisions here would work so hard to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding people.

Just an observation.

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  1. Sean, if you own a gun, what made you want to get one? I’ve never known anyone who owned a gun, so I’m really curious.

  2. Not Sean, but I got my first guns out here in LA when I got back into shooting competitions. And those I got into because I wanted to see if shooting skill runs in the blood. (Mom was a rifle champion in the 60’s. Never shot while I was a kid though)

    Biggest thing about have a firearm is that it makes you pay a lot more attention to safety and being responsible.

  3. That last sentence is a run-on just waiting to get shot.

    More people carrying guns + people driving with cel phones + road rage = bad news.

    Its hard to talk on your phone, drive, and shoot at the same time.

  4. Criminals may get guns illegally now, but doesn’t it follow that if it were easier to get guns legally, it would then be easier for criminals to get guns legally? Wild West!

  5. Yes, but as it stands the criminals have the upper hand. If the average citizen were permitted to carry a gun, then the criminal would have to think twice about who he is about to harm. He may just wind up on the business end of a pistol…which in my opinion is justice.

  6. Lisa – yes I do. Why? I don’t know. I grew up in Florida and most people I knew had guns. It wasn’t a big decision or anything really. We go shooting downtown at the LA Gunclub all the time, you are welcome to come with us sometime if you want. I think we’ve gotten some of the OC bloggers hooked. =)

  7. Sean, I would totally come to a gun club. It might freak me out a little, but it’s something I’d really like to try.

  8. I think the whole gun control debate is a red herring.

    Even if citizens were given complete freedom to carry guns legally in any manner they like, very very few would actually do so. I have carried a gun, concealed and otherwise, and it really is kind of creapy. You develop a hightened sense of awareness and paranoia — not a great feeling to live with day in and day out.

    Very few crimes would be deterred, either by citizens actually wielding a gun, or criminals concerned about whether or not a citizen is armed.

    On the other side of the equation, because so few citizens would actually carry a gun, gun accidents and road rage shootouts would be negligable.

    So I think gun control advocates and the NRA should kiss and make up, and work on the real problem of the number of illegal guns and the people who hold them.

  9. I was born and raised in Texas, where concealed weapons permits are usually next to drivers’ licenses.

    However, in the vein of what Unsomnambulist said, I’d be worried about what the average moron would do with a gun. I understand that a lot of us know how to correctly use and to respect the power of a firearm, but there’s tons of irrational arseclowns out there who I could just imagine going spastic during rush hour and emptying a clip into someone’s car (or someone) because they didn’t like their driving etiquette.

    Like mhals said, it would be easier for criminals to get guns as well. Not that it would matter, mind you, because they’re going to get guns no matter what, but it makes weapons that much more accessible to someone who is prone to use them for crime, regardless of whether they have a criminal record or not.

    I’m all for concealed weapon permits/concealed weapons, but I honestly don’t trust most of the people who will end up with them. All the instructional courses in the world won’t stop one irrational moron from using one where words or even fists would have been sufficient.

  10. Um, I just assumed that a lot of people in LA already had a gun. I also assumed that a pecentage of those people at least had a gun in their car somewhere (glovebox, under the seat). I also assumed that a smaller percentage of these people carried a concealed gun on their person (holstered). If I moved to LA, I would definitely get a gun, but I probably wouldn’t carry it on me or carry it in my car. I would have it for home defense. Plus, I just like guns in general…

  11. Well, the lucky thing about this discussion is that it’s not all speculative. More than half the country hands out CCW licenses with no problem so there’s statistics and facts to back all this up. There is not more gun crime in places where people carry concealed guns, and guns aren’t any easier for bad guys to get. If anything, the statistics proove that gun crimes go up when more laws are created to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. There’s endless amounts of data about this that most of the country recognizes and it’s just interesting to me that a great city like LA is so blind to it.

  12. Phil–not very many middle-class folks in LA have guns. After the riots, gun clubs were flooded with WestSide types, all anxious to learn to shoot, so they could protect themselves and their kids, Zoe and Zach, from looting hordes. Then, they forgot about the gun and hid it somewhere.
    Why get freaked out by guns–a gun is like a tool or a a machine. Does your electric drill scare you?

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