What the crazy?

Don’t usually like to post rants or politics or things not LA but hell, this might just be the day to do so. What the FUCK is with Harry and his nazi costume. Does he live in solitary confinement. You’d think that while he was being dressed or walking through the corridors of his palace or maybe in his vehicle, someone, a butler, the gardener, the driver, his brother, his friend, the chaffeur, the guy dusting the chandalier in the next room, might say “hey yo, maybe you shouldn’t wear that. Its kind of inappropriate.”

Now Europe is thinking of banning the swastika. They shouldn’t have to impede on people’s rights but geeze, laws for the stupid I guess.

12 thoughts on “What the crazy?”

  1. I share the same flabergast Bill, but my fear is in the rare air of the royal family, Harry or his brother or his father could walk around naked and everyone would just smile and say “nice suit.”

  2. Hasn’t Harry watched “South Park”?
    Same thing happened to Cartman.
    If Harry saw the episode, he should be shamed for not learning from it.
    If he didn’t see the episode, he should be shamed for not watching.

    Bastard Prince.

  3. I wish it was really because he was insane. I would luurve to see a modern English king who was just out of his mind.

  4. I am always a little dismayed by people who froth at the mouth for a chance to nail someone who makes an obvious mistake. It’s a little to easy to chunk stones at big targets. If he wore a yamaka and side curls with a West bank moniker on his arm would there still be few stones tossed lazily in his general direction?


  5. Jacky, not sure if you’re referring to the media or myself (or both) in your reply. Are you saying,that nothing should have been made of the incident or that enough is enough and we don’t need to excrapulate on it any further? I assume not the former but maybe the latter. Me, personally, there are certain issues that kill me off more than others, and maybe ignorance shouldn’t count but in this particular case, harry’s incident left me more in a state of wild eyed bewilderment. Was I frothing “at the mouth to nail him? No more than writing about people who wear uggs.

  6. As for outlawing the Swastika – what a stupid idea.

    …so stupid it’s been in place in Germany for quite a while now!

  7. haha, nice wordplay wordsmith Will. Bill, it’s just we knew he was going to get slammed and obviously the young man has a few problems. He looked somewhat lonely and absurd in the Sun photo..no?Cliched though it may be, maybe let the mob take their shots and us bigger types let him make some mistakes and maybe say something that speeds him up development-wise.


  8. RE: Harry in the Nazi suit.

    CLASSIC “acting out,” teen rebellion, the ole “I’ll show you” to the family royale.

    Did/does he “know better?” Of COURSE he did. Just like the royal children “know better” when they have all-night pot parties, visit nude beaches, or hit the clubs with sex kittens.

    Surely most of you here were once teens? Surely some of you rebelled in very creative ways? Didn’t you “know better?”

  9. Agh. It’s such a sharkjumper when that ratty old umbrella of “teen rebellion” gets unfurled as some sort of way of protecting a kid’s idiocy from the hard rain of reaction against it.

  10. don’t folks realize that Harry was just wearing his ancestors clothes? perhaps that’s why no one within the palace entoruage bothered to notice… or be concerned!

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