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ERtag.jpgSo I show up at the old ER yesterday for more of the glamorous scut work that is the life theatrical, and found we’d been freshly tagged…again.

We have a few econo-cans of almost-matching paint we keep handy for this purpose so I don’t need the city service Gregory blogged about last September, but I am curious about the tag itself. Is it a gang tag? Is there a resource that I.D.s tags?

We’re over in Rampart/Echo Park and I’d love to know who we’re dealing with.

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  1. Looks like you are dealing with someone named “Aster.” Or nicknamed anyway. There’s no gang associations with it – those are usually some letters or numbers (or roman numerals) before or after the name, like XV3 or V13 or 18ST or something. I would guess this is a kid who lives in that neighborhood and he’s trying to make it known that it’s his hood. He’s not in a gang or he’d be bragging about it, but he might be trying to get into one by prooving himself. This is really just a “I was here” kind of thing, rather than a “stay away, or we’ll shoot you” thing.

  2. No no no. It’s not an acronym.Someone must have scared the tagger off and prevented him from finishing. Clearly he was in the midst of writing “asteroid.” Or maybe “asterisk.”

  3. I am sure that for a tagger, you can hardly think of a cooler thing to see than a picture of your work posted on a blog for everyone to see. Hopefully, he won’t see this as an easy path for fame!

  4. Good one.

    I was thinking lost New Yorker trying to DIY his own Astor Place #6 train station. Not a spelling bee champ, mind you.

  5. >For the geographically challenged Beverly and Alvarado is not Echo Park.

    No, it’s Historic Filipinotown. But it’s also only about four blocks from the park itself, which is closer than some places that are officially Echo Park. Get over it.

  6. Apperantly no one here know’s anything about tagging, you are right it’s not a gang tag, and as long as you keep covering it you will be tagged again. However, if you don’t cover it then you will be looking at rival taggers making there mark on your building too. Aster is pretty known as far as his tag is concerned (buses, buildings, benches, tc.) The reason you are being tagged is because your building is in a prime location and is acting as a billboard. The more it will be seen the better. You can be a dick and set up a video camera, but tagging is art so if your’e an artist respect it or bad karma will come your way.

  7. Thanks for the tagging tutorial, Maurice. But apparently you could brush up on how to recognize dismissive and sarcastic (and perhaps lame) attempts at humor.

    Threats of bad karma bring back their own bad karma, so I’ll just contribute to the viscious circle by wholeheartedly dismissing your assertion trying to legitimize tagging as “art.” For the record I don’t accept or respect any defacement of property, but certainly there are purveyors of graffiti who have a better grasp of the boundaries and produce stuff more pleasing to the eye than your buddy Aster’s scrawls.

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