Karaoke? Check.

karaoke010805.jpgSometime in the past few years, I decided that one of my life goals was to sing karaoke in front of strangers (it was pretty low on my list of goals, but it was there). Last night, at a friend’s birthday party at Dimples Showcase, my karaoke dreams came true. Since I had never been there before, I was a “Dimples’ Virgin,” which means alarms went off when I got on stage, and a big “Virgin” sign stayed lit through my entire performance.

Performers get a free audiotape of their song, and if they’re lucky, a 5×7 glossy. I didn’t get a photo because the guy taking them wasn’t around when I sang, but I did get the tape. It’s probably a good thing they didn’t give me a CD, because then I would’ve had to make an MP3 and link to it from this post. (Consider yourselves spared.)

Some karaoke bars are full of wannabe stars that think karaoke is going to get them their big break, but at Dimples people seemed more concerned with having fun. A friend told me that people were making out during my way off-key rendition of the Juice Newton classic, “Angel of the Morning.” At the end of the night, after several more drinks, my friend Dan and I got on stage again for “We Built This City.” Blender magazine once called it the worst song ever, but we were drunk enough to think we sounded great.

3 thoughts on “Karaoke? Check.”

  1. 5{a bloggers get-together last year at Farmers Market organized by Jonah at L.A. Blogs, I discovered the swinging karaoke scene there. No tapes or pictures available, but a very good time to be had. And the regulars seem friendly toward virgins.

  2. I don’t plan on becoming a karaoke regular or anything, but it’s fun when you go with a group (so you know you’ll get applause no matter what).

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