Had me in stitches

I learned to knit a few weeks ago from a woman who helps organize a group of Los Angeles knitters/crocheters/latch hookers called Stitch N’ Bitch LA. Tonight I had the pleasure of attending their weekly meeting in Santa Monica at The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge from 7 to 10 p.m. It was an eclectic bunch of women (and one guy – a very smart guy, might I add, for having the sense to hang out where the women are). The meeting included people from all walks of life: teachers, aspiring actresses, yoga teachers, photographers – to name a few. The group was extremely welcoming of new people and the topics discussed while we all worked on our projects spanned everything from make-up (Sephora may be better than MAC) to movies (Life Aquatic good, but not as good as Royal Tenenbaums) to higher-paying jobs (UPS/Fed Ex drivers make A LOT!) to anal sex (ok, I can’t discuss all the secrets revealed, can I?). I really enjoyed seeing all the various projects (latch hooked Eyeore, socks knit with four needles, hats, scarves, afghans, etc). And knitting while listening to all the conversations and getting to know everyone instead of television as background noise was a welcome change. I met a lot of really nice people and am looking forward to attending future meetings.

If you’re interested and can’t make a Santa Monica meeting, there are other Stitch N’ Bitch groups throughout So. Cal, including West Hollywood, Atwater/Glendale and the Valley. More info and a calendar here.

And not to get all kumbaya on all of you, but blogging.la is much like a virtual knitting circle. We all gather here to partake in a common hobby: discussing the wonderful (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) Los Angeles. I digress.

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  1. All the good S&B groups seem to gravitate to Santa Monica. I guess I’ll have to trek out there one day soon and check it out.

    I’ll respectfully decline participating in the anal sex discussion, fanx then! :D

  2. Yay, knitting!! I’ve never been to a Stitch n Bitch meeting, but I love both of the SnB books. They’re very hipster, but also very fun. Craftster.org is another great website for wacky knitting projects.

    If you’re ever in Studio City, there’s a great yarn store on Tujunga called Yarn Garden. It’s within walking distance of my apartment, which is a good thing (nice yarn), but also a bad thing (sometimes I’m afraid to go in, because I want to buy everything).

  3. We’re a group of non-soccer surfin’rocker moms in redondo beach who are knitting informally in the park, wednesdays @1;30ish, vincent park. My college roommate , from Austin, Tx, is a rockin , knitting mom whose been all over the media lately with her all mom pop punk garage band, Frump. She was on Fox news (!) friday, usa today, last week, and in a ap wire story about the mom band phenom that is evidently sweeping the nation.(I’m trying to organize one here, but I need to get an instument, first. ) Anyway, our old band buddies the big boys always said at the end of every show, “go start your own band”, and that is kind of the message that I want to spread to girls and moms–, I say, “Pick up an instrument instead of a Musician”.
    Anybody know how to make fishnet stockings?

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