Rap and Rock, together?

I love KDAY – it’s my favorite non-NPR station in LA. It’s revolutionary because it plays old rap, and new rap! It’s like two different genres, KRS-One and Ja Rule, except they have a sort of continuum to them you can pick out.

Still, as charming as old and new mixing is, I’m curious to see more divergent synergies. Is there a radio station in Los Angeles that might play both rap and rock? Besides KCRW; I’m talking about commercial or underground radio, not the smooth sounds of everything becomes eclectic.

7 thoughts on “Rap and Rock, together?”

  1. I love Indie 103.1, but one of their shortfalls is their unwillingness to incorporate rap and hip-hop into their mix.

  2. You might try KXLU 88.9 if you can get it. They stream, if you can’t. Check http://kxlu.com. Being that it’s college radio, you never know what you might get.

    Also, while we’re on the subject, check out Divine Forces Radio on KPFK 90.7 on Friday nights from 10PM-1AM. No rock, but a flat out amazing hip hop show.

  3. Rap and rock together? Not unless it’s Run DMC and Aerosmith. L.A. commercial radio is so fragmented today that everyone’s afraid to move out of their little niche.

  4. Don’t forget Body Count, Ice-T’s metal band from the early 90s. Of course, we’re just naming bands now, not stations, so we’re of little help…

    College radio seems to be a good bet, but my offering is Santa Cruz station KZSC (where I used to work), so it’s of little help to the non-streamers out there.

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