Holiday dregs

weird_thumb.jpgYeah, it’s behind us, but maybe if I post a little objective praise for the holiday show I tactlessly plugged my first week here, I’ll have more cred with the b.LA crew next time around.

This just in from KCRW’s Theater Talk with James Taylor:

But, the real treat of this season was the next installment of what is turning out to be a true local Christmas tradition: The Evidence Room‘s annual “99-Cent Only Store song and dance extravaganza.”

The success of last year’s Splendor: A 99-cent Only Store’s Wonderama guaranteed that writer/director Ken Roht would return this year with the third edition of this series, entitled Peace Squad Goes 99: The Greatest 99-Cent Only Story Ever Told…Ever! .

As the title (complete with exclamation point) suggests, these “99-cent Only Store shows” are heavy on camp รณ but they’re also heavy on production design, providing even more eye-popping spectacle than Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!* Most importantly though, Ken Roht’s christmas confections are filled with a genuine sense of theatrical wonder.

Not bad for a bunch of lunatic misfits armed only with cheap plastic goods, willpower and several miles of packing tape.

*Shameless boldfacing mine…all mine! Cackle, cackle, cackle…