Party Thingy

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Party Thingy last night. I took some pictures but the transfer cables for my new camera are in my missing luggage so when ever that shows up I’ll post some. Very cool to meet some of the new people in person and I can’t wait for the Jay Bushman on Jay Bushman interview podcast that Joi will mostly likely do terrible things with in the near future. Otherwise, the place got packed quick so if you showed up and didn’t know what we looked like or something sorry about that – all our other events have taken place where there was no one else around so it was impossible to miss us and who knew this would be any different? To anyone who didn’t show up, where were you?? Jacky Treehorn… I’m looking in your direction.

Here’s a photo of Grant & Jill from the OC metblog and our own Jeff Koga. Here’s Grant & Jim and part of Grant, Kat, and Jay. Photos by James from OC.

10 thoughts on “Party Thingy”

  1. Damn, that was fun. Really nice to meet all of those of you who came (special shout-out to the OC peeps who came from so far!).

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat with the tech crew at the far end of the table but there was a rather intense level of geeky stuff happening that I was loathe to interrupt. Podcast, indeed!

  2. I’m still in NY for a few more days, but it sounds like I might not have found you guys anyway. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t feel bad about missing out.

  3. Oh, people would’ve been able to identify us even in that crowd. Someone who looked a lot like Iggy Pop walked right over to us and asked if 5000! was still around. After we told him that he left, I asked out loud, “How did he know we were the crew?” to which Kathleen responded with, “Nerd alert!”

    Fun times.

    Great meeting the proverbial “fresh meat” too. :)

  4. The important question is where is everyone partying tonight? LA totally sucks when it comes to NYE. I would have come last night but I had prior committments. Tonight is the night to throw a real party (most people have probably left town to party in Vegas or NY anyways).

  5. Geez, the devil to always be on the flesh rampage..esp. at my age. Hope you had a hunky dory time, Sean and Co.



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