Los Angeles : Invaded

ila0.jpgI can’t believe I forgot to post about this – quite possibly my favorite grafitti artist in the world has a new book out and is all about Los Anagles. Luckily Caryn remembered:

“France’s notorious public art mosaic maestro Space Invader has just released his second book and it is a must have. Invasion Los Angeles: Mission Hollywood contains images of his 100 mosaic pieces he has placed in our fine city. Look around LA closely and you can find these very site-specific works of art hidden on businesses, billboards, and even the Hollywood sign. Once you know they’re there, you can’t help but find more.

If you saw his previous book, Invasion Paris you know how thorough and detailed Space Invader is and, well, how incredibly cool his works are. Quite frankly, he’s one of the few artists who works illegally in the streets who I get really excited about. Everytime I discover a new piece, it’s like unearthing a small treasure.

Invasion Los Angeles comes with great timing too as his upcoming solo show at sixspace is this June. Expect the number of LA invasions to rise!”
so says art.blogging.la.

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  1. Would this be the guy who put that mini Ghost mosaic from PacMan on PCH between Temescal and Sunset? I’ve been wondering about that thing for months.

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