A Traditional Jewish Christmas

The family is coming to town so we can celebrate a traditional Jewish Christmas. What’s that you ask? Going to the movies and a chinese restaurant, of course.

The past few years, we’ve ended up at Madame Wu’s at the Grove. Which was, how can I put this delicately…crap. But the ol’ Madame has finally expired. So here’s my question for you: Do you have recommendations for chinese restaurants (or hell ANYWHERE) that will be open on Christmas Day?

As Mr. Broflovski the Younger once sang, “I’m a Jew. A lonely Jew, on Christmas.”

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  1. There’s a Chinese place that recently converted from regular to Kosher Chinese right in the heart of Jewville (Pico-Robertson, or Pi-Ro as the cool people call it). It is located at the corner of Pico and Rexford, and is called Shanghai Diamond Garden. What better place for Jewish Christmas than at a Kosher Chinese place?!

  2. Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst in Los Feliz Village gets my vote, but I’m not sure if they’re open C-Day.

  3. Does it have to be Chinese? This has made me want to call all my fav restaurants to see if they’re serving on Christmas!!!
    If you’re going to hit the movies….I love the Arclight and last week had an early supper there with a friend..
    It was pretty good…of course, we were drinking heavily from the bar so….

  4. I’ve had good luck with Indian Restaurants on christmas day. A Taste of India in Westwood is excellent.

  5. I’m with Michale, Yang Chow is VERY good, but I’m sure it will be PACKED on Christmas. Last year, my friends and I went to the place at Santa Monica and Fairfax in the Whole Foods shopping center, it was quite full as well.

  6. I’m pretty sure this isnt the best place to ask this but here goes, what are some of the best things to do in LA for New Years? I’m a recent New York transplant so I was wondering other than the bar scene what goes on in LA the night the year starts anew?

  7. The place at Fairfax/SM is called Kung Pao Bistro, and it’s pretty good. They have AWESOME fake-meat vegetarian dishes. Never been to Yang Chow, but I’m definitely going to check it out.

    What about Ghengis Cohen? I’ve never been there, but it seems appropriate.

  8. In VENICE/MDR: Szechuan on south side of Washington Blvd just west of Lincoln. They even bring noodles and duck sauce to the table when you sit down

  9. Wow, you guys are awexome! Thanks for the suggestions. Next question: X-mas morning breakfast? The only place I know for sure that will be open is Du-Par’s. Anyone know other options?

  10. Chinese for Christmas is good but I’d like to know what else there is to do when the family is away AND where can a single woman find some unique fun in L.A. on New Years Eve??????? Any suggestions?

  11. Although there are a few good Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, the best Chinese food in LA is NOT in Chinatown, but in the San Gabriel Valley (Monterey Park, Rosemead, etc.). And most restaurants should be open on Christmas – that’s how (most authentic) Chinese restaurants are. My friends (and, grudgingly, I) have a tradition of going to Sam Woo (which isn’t the best, but is pretty good) on holidays if we can’t think of anywhere else to go.

    Try Ocean Star or NBC in Monterey Park (both around Atlantic and Garvey IIRC); they’re two of the better Chinese restaurants I’ve been to. IMHO, NBC has the best dim sum, although my dad and grandma, who are Cantonese, seem to prefer 888 in Rosemead.

    If you end up at a Cantonese restaurant, ask for Lung Hu Dou (Dragon and Tiger Fighting); I would love to hear their response. ;)

  12. Almost forgot: I can’t recall what Yang Chow is like, but Empress Pavilion in Chinatown is good. For something different, but still Chinese, try Little Sheep in Monterey Park (also around Atlantic and Garvey, in Deerfield Plaza). They specialize in lamb served in clay hot pots. It’s a little like shabu-shabu, I guess.

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