Warm up your apartment… sort of…

I’m still in Florida with no internet connection at the moment but I’m using Mars Edit and NetNewsWire to pass on some info like this:

“Franklin Avenue puts out the word that KCAL Channel 9 will adopt a New York television tradition by airing a crackling fireplace on Christmas morning. From 6 to 9 a.m., the Yule logs will burn with holiday music in the background. KCAL got the idea from WPIX-TV, which started the tradition to bring a little cheer to apartment dwellers without…”
[via L.A. Observed.]

4 thoughts on “Warm up your apartment… sort of…”

  1. Aw, Sean, how ’bout linkin’ to Franklin Avenue? But yup, ’tis true — with soundtrack provided by KOST 103.5 (and, unfortunately, ocassional on screen messages from the likes of KCAL anchors and KOST DJs.)

  2. Hey Mike! Sorry about not linking directly, but as you can read here:


    my connection right now is a bit flakey. I think franklin Ave is a great site but last time I was on there you didn’t have a syndication feed available and that’s how I’m reading things at the moments, finding a hot spot, down loading my feeds, and then reading and blogging offline. I just checked your site and see there is a feed now, which I grabbed and in the future I’ll link directly. Again, sorry about that..


  3. What’s the point in posting replies like that?
    Or may be this is a kind of bot, that is posting using the name “Sean”?

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