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helmet.jpgMy better side rides his bike to work as often as the weather will permit (which is often). It’s a ten mile ride each way, and he does it as a way to stay in shape. What I’m concerned about isn’t so much his shape, well, it is, since I don’t want him to end up flattened on the sidewalk (that would be the worst shape yet). I’ve always thought of LA as a pretty accepting and accomodating city, but now that I hear his horror stories about his daily ride I’m begging to wonder why bike riders got left out of the equation. Not that there aren’t plenty of nice places to ride a bike in LA, but as far as riding for practical purposes, it seems pretty tough. For instance, did anyone know that Los Feliz Blvd. has no ramps on its sidewalks? That’s right, no handicap access and no place for bikes to go besides in the street (unless they like jumping curbs every five seconds). For people like my hubby that is the only way to get to work, and that’s a scary thought for both of us. So, I guess my point is to ask if anyone else has the same problem, or maybe a solution? Or an idea that can be turned into a solution?…

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  1. Yuck! I can sympathize because I commuted by bike to work during my last 2 years at an office job. It’s scary enough where I live (even ended up on a car hood once due to being squeezed to the curb, no ramps available and my pedal hit the curb on a down-stroke, causing me to flip my bike up onto the offending car’s hood), I can’t even *imagine* L.A.! Is it a popular pedestrian through-way too? Because if it is, you might be able to “team up” with a local “access for all” group to see if the sidewalks can be modified for wheelchairs and/or scooters. The coming of mass aging of the Baby Boomers is something to think about too. Or, if there is a local cycling coalition, see if something can be organized to approach city hall about putting in a bike lane of sorts (playing up on the less smog, less wear on the road, healthier employees make better workers ergo less spent in sick time etc etc etc…). Hope this helps even a little.

  2. afaik, in la, bikes are required to use the street, and are prohibited from using the sidewalk. (things may have changed, please correct me.)

  3. I bike commute through South-Central LA to downtown and enjoy my ride everytime. The rule is to always bike on the street. The rules have not changed Phil. Technically, a police officer can ticket someone for biking on the sidewalk. Although, its not really enforced. I try to stay on the ride side of the lane, but also bike a few feet left of parked cars because of car doors opening onto me. Sometimes there are some irrate motorist, but I’m not worried about them. Here are some tips for motorists:

    Jodie, There is a organization called the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition that works with city agencies to make biking better. They have done many things in the past several years. There also have some bike resources and links at

  4. bikes shouldn’t ride on the sidewalks, nor on the wrong side of the road, they should follow the same rules as cars and be treated the same – share the road!

  5. Agh, the miles I’ve survived and the storiesto tell! From punks speeding by in daddy’s jag tossing Big Gulps on me to a bus that gave me no option but to barrel up onto a crowded sidewalk if I didn’t want to wind up road kill, I’m pretty much a one-rider critical mass that never hesitates to “educate” inconsiderate assclown drivers one freakin’ idiot at a time.

  6. I moved here from Davis, a great biking town, so I can state that, by comparison, it sucks to bike in LA for anything other than pure recreation.

    My commute to work is about 8.5 miles by bike. 80% of it is perfect: I use the coast bike trail, which is isolated from the main road. The remaining 20%, the part where I turn inland and cross El Segundo, makes me fear for my life.

    What I daydream about is a bike path along Grand Ave. in El Segundo, leading from the bike path to the cluster of office buildings on the inland side of Sepulveda.

    Now, for sheer recreational biking, I’m a devotee of the coastal bike trail.

  7. This town, with near-perfect year-round weather, SHOULD be a biker’s paradise. Unfortunately, because of the lack of real trails and countless motorists who can’t comprehend the kindergarten-simple notion of sharing, road rage engulfs us all.

    Sad Christmas!

  8. While bikes are not allowed on the sidewalk, often times there is no other alternative considering it’s either that or get squashed by a car. The problem is that it’s either one or the other, and neither is a good solution.
    NICOLE, I’M FROM DAVIS TOO!! Email me!!
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