Emails that you never want to receive

If you work in the Advertising / Public Relations industries (which I do) here’s the email that you really don’t want to get from your client (which I got today):

Hey, guess what! I’m going to be on The Jay Walking Battle of the All Stars tonight and tomorrow night!

Um… Any publicity is good publicity?

UPDATE: Well that wasn’t as bad as it might have been. He’s in the lead, so I guess that ‘s good. He did burst into song, and Jay accused him of being on drugs, but all in all not a disaster. The plug for the ex employer was an interesting choice. As far as competition, guy #1 has a “will break your knee for a nickel” shtick and the girl in the middle has that 1,000 mile stare going on. So if you have it on during sex tonight, pause for the final tally.

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