Rain and warmth

Her body was hot. Literally. You could almost see the microwave lines emit from her nude nude nude body but considering the room was cold cold cold, the warmth was an added plus – I’ll have to remember to tip her well. As I got up to leave, she asked me to stay and lie down next to her…guess she had some things on her mind. I guess this is what “they” call the GFE. The girl friend experience. I got mine, now she gets hers. The City of Industry was cracking down on massage parlors, requiring that all girls obtain their masseuse license. Most of these girls are immigrants, some illegal some not, but english is definately not their primary language. Forced to work here against their will? I doubt it, I’m pretty sure they could drive off anytime in their nice bmw or mercedes they roll around in. But that test might force some of them to find work elsewhere. Like a strip club as “Coco” had been propositioned to. She asked if she should try that line of work. Shit, I don’t know. I am neither a stripper or a girl. But I read my copy of “…girls are from venus”, Coco wasn’t really looking for an answer that men are prone to give. She just needed someone to talk to. She’ll probably try it for a few days to see how it goes. We smiled at each other and as she got up to get dressed, I thought to myself, her body is hot. Figuretively.