Faking it @ Bar Sinister

Today was my first time hanging out at Bar Sinister (Sat nights @ Boardnerís). I was obviously the biggest faker there, but no one seemed to mind. With a load of friends also pushing it to be on the scene (only in LA) where else encourages you to have so much fun pretending to be someone else? I canít wait to go back. It must have worked cuz we fooled a batch of girls from the OC. What are real estate developers and wedding planners from Orange County doing at Goth night? I call bullshit on that!

Anyway, back to the point. I encourage anyone with black clothes and a penchant for posing to go to this club. Itís exactly what you imagined as a kid a nightclub should be. Slavic.

Tonight also marks the first time I ate one of those bacon wrapped hotdogs sold on mobile carts on Hollywood Blvd and elsewhere. Offensive in odor, I always thought, but darn it if they arenít tasty. Order it with everything and you get green peppers. What?! Green peppers? Sounds crazy, but it works.

9 thoughts on “Faking it @ Bar Sinister”

  1. Christ almighty! I’m gone for a week and the new guys are already talking about the worst bar in LA. Apparently Matt you didn’t get attacked by the bouncers or dragged around by the throat for trying to pay the bill. Bar Sinister/Boardners can burn in hell and Trish will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. And for your own good Matt stay away from the place. You picked this guy Sean? Man oh man oh man. WTF has become of my baby…

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to echo the hot dog comments. I’d never ate them before until some friends of mine from out-of-town decided to have them. They were rather yummy!

  3. Jason,

    Have Sean email me the list of approved blogging.la opinions and I gladly toe the line. Until then, all I gotís my bad taste to fall back on.

    Worst bar in LA? Not by a long shot. Most aggressive crowd control? I didn’t even see a bouncer. Can’t vouch for the staff or policies six months ago, but I’ve no complaints from my first visit. In fact, I had such a good time, I’d love to hear what other bars you consider LA’s bottom five.

  4. Glad you enjoyed yourself!
    I’m sorry I passed up the street-dogs for Mel’s Dinner… Next time I WILL HAVE my Pigs in a pig-blanket!

  5. I’ll cast a second vote for “Fuck Bar Sinister.” I went there for years, and one night out of the blue the door girl (who hadn’t even been working there as long as I had been going there) wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t dressed goth enough. She kept explaining that it was a goth club, as if I didn’t understand what that meant and that was explanation enough. And it’s not like I was dressed all preppy or anything. The best part is that I used to tell people to check it out because it was like the goth club for ex-goths and you didn’t have to sweat getting attitude for not being goth enough. So, yeah, screw them.

    BTW Matt, I think Jason was being tongue in cheek. I wouldn’t take it so personally.

  6. hey matt – the only businesses on the infamous and over touted blogging.la blacklist are those that have tried to physically or finacially harm blogging.la writers. We try to look out for each other when it comes down to shit like that. ;-)

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