Caroline’s loss = your gain

caroline.jpgI don’t go to the out-of-town road shows often because: (a) not into big, cheesy musicals; (b) not into paying 3-6x what it costs to go see something local; and (c) don’t like the Ahmanson (although the Pantages is kinda groovy in an old-fashioned way).

I made an exception last night for Caroline, or Change and am glad I did. Partly because the show is every bit as good as I’d hoped√≥nothing makes me happier than walking out of a large venue with a swollen nose and tears streaming down my face, but I’m weird that way. And partly because of the built-in relaxation time I got between buying my tickets at public rush and curtain. At 6pm on certain show days, they release tickets for the hoi polloi to purchase for riduculously low prices ($12, in this case–cash only).

So here’s the good part: The Music Center sports its own Pinot smack dab between the Taper and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. It is 100% al fresco and regrettably, most of the heat lamps are dedicated to the dining area (a.k.a., Rich People’s Section), but give me a couple of $8 Belvederes on the rocks and an extra New Yorker to put between my ass and the metal (!!!) barstool and I’m good to go.

Right now, it’s super-pretty at the Music Center. There’s a big, ol’ xmas tree and tons of fairy lights and last night, there was an excellent doo-wop group busking in front of the Taper. All in all, a damned good way to pass the evening, and not too-too expensive, if you cool it with the call brands and find street parking. And no, I’m not going to tell you my super-secret, free parking spot–a (cheap) girl’s gotta have her secrets.

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