Xeni on NPR: gadgets for angelenos

On the NPR program “Day to Day” this week, I hit the streets with Alex Chadwick to try out a few new gadgets, including two which seem particularly fitting for LA residents:

* A PDA-like traffic reporting device called TrafficGauge ($80, thanks to Mike Outmesguine for turning me on to this one!). Only available for two cities right now, and LA’s one of them.
* A kick-ass handheld theater called the DVXPod (shown here) that plays music, movies and television shows ($599)

Link to archived audio for this program, Link to NPR Day to Day home.

3 thoughts on “Xeni on NPR: gadgets for angelenos”

  1. Have been using the damn thing every day, all day, for about a month. Family members and friends have also tested. The display is simple, it does one basic thing and does it well, reliably, all the time. I wish it were more feature-rich, but I love that it does what it promises.

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