No, not in L.A.

I was perusing some of the metblogs, and came upon this post in by Christiana Dominguez about an ad campaign for SF called (which takes you to At the end of the post, she says:

One thing I don’t get, however, is the extent to which NorCal types seem hell bent on poking at those of us south of SLO. I can assure you that down there, we just didn’t spend that much time thinking about San Francisco. But whatever.

I’m with Christiana on this one… many NoCal’ers have this bizarre hatred from SoCal’ers (with a special contempt for L.A. folk!). I know one thing that is (generally) not in L.A… a hatred for those up north! Some might say that the folks here wouldn’t give two sh!ts about those up north, certainly not enough to hate them, anyway… what’s up with this North -> South rivalry (not North/South)? Is it really the water we supposedly steal? Is it envy for our great weather?

Which brings me to two points:

1) Of course there is a ton of stuff to do in SF that you can’t do in LA… it works the other way around, too! What is your favorite “only in L.A.” thing?

2) Have you checked out some of the other metblogs? I don’t have time to keep track of every single one of them, but I really enjoy reading and also Aside from, do you have any favorite metblogs?

UPDATE: I didn’t realize Will Campbell had posted about the same ad campaign a few hours before I did!

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  1. If you go to the notinla website, you’ll notice that they don’t mention anything that can’t also be found in L.A. Unless romance, good food, shopping and gays are unique to Frisco.

  2. being a born and raised in the bay area, (burlingame) and then living in san franciso then helLA then new york city and then back to helLA i think i am in a unique position to clear this up for y’all.

    the reson we love people from NYC and hate people from heLA are the following.

    1. first we have a sub/un concious jealousy that we are not even aware of (i figured it out). san francisco is a much more creative, edgy, forward thinking city that has started variuous cultural and social movements. but, we get no credit for them. as soon as something we were doing five years ago hits helLA the media gives credit to helLA for starting it. SWINGERS ANYONE….. just an example.

    2. WE FUCKING HATE the term “frisco” or “SF”!!! you can call your city by it’s initials but not ours. them’s fighten words!!!!!

    3. to make a living at anything creative you need to move to helLA or NYC. it sucks to come from a place with so much talant and watch it leave.

    4. i’m sorry to say it but people here are fucking stupid when it come to rain, driving or walking in a straight line.
    examples you ask……..
    A. it’s OK to drive more than 40MPH in the rain.
    B. it’s OK to pull out into the intersection when turning left. AAAAHHHHHHHHH
    C. people pulled to the side of the road with a flat tire are not interesting enough to slow down and look at.

    3. helLA is not a city, it’s a big suburb and it’s UGLY. well, OK, there are those 12 days a year after it rains and the wind cleans everything up and it does look beautiful.

    4. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT CELEBRITIES. that’s the biggy. this town is so obsessed with celebrities and what they do in their spare time. it’s pathetic that people actually care about celebrity sightings.

    5. why do we love people from NYC? it’s the best place on earth and we know when we’re licked. people from helLA THINK it’s the best place on earth which bewilders us.

    you’re probably thinking “if ya hate it so much, GTF outta town” well, those reasons above are all valid but ya know what? i’ve lived in helLA for a total of 10 years and i’ve made great friends, had a lot of fun, started my career, and started my own company. i get to ride my motorcycle 342 days a year!!!! i’ve discovered that if i stay east of vermont and out of the nosebleed territory (arclight exception) helLA’s a tolerable place. i’ve even convinced a few hard core san francisco friends who promised never to visit helLA to move here and ya know what? THEY LOVE IT.

    P.S. don’t even get me started about my trip to seattle and people in that town telling me not to advertise to loudly that i’m from helLA. talk about an insecurity complex!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael, I think that you’d be making some valid points (and I know you’re half kidding) but I think you’re buying into some of the myths about LA that I think just aren’t true. For example, I would argue that a lot of the people that live here aren’t obsessed with celebrities or “celebrity” at all (semi-satirical obsession like what’s reported on Defamer aside). They’re over it. In contrast, I don’t know how much time any of you have spent in middle America, but it’s the people in small towns all over the flyover states that are the ones that are carefully following the latest adventures of J-Lo or Ben Affleck. I know older people in Iowa who religiously read The Star as their only source of news. Idle celebrity gossip among people in the industry pales in comparison to golden calf of celebrity that exists in places like Omaha, NE.

    Beyond that, to reiterate a point that somebody made in another post, LA is not Hollywood. I can get onboard with the idea that living or working in certain parts of the city can get tiresome. But there are way more communities and people here than the small pocket of industry-types that are running around Cahuenga/Hollywood. It’s pretty easy to find other, more rewarding places to chill. But as I’ve said before, you find what you look for. Not you, specifically, you know what I mean. :)

    I guess this isn’t supposed to be a debate about LA vs. SF anyway. Since we’ve adressed part one of the question (why do people from SF hate LA), I’d like to hear about the second part (why doesn’t anybody here care?).

    I’ll second that note on Seattle, btw.

  4. AAAHHHHH will said FRISCO. sean wheres your HK?

    yo 5000. all right, i’m half kidding.

    forget san franciso, new york is crystal and my’s true love. off topic though!

    the reason people in SCAL don’t have such a hatred for people from san francisco is because everyone LOVES san francisco and there is nothing to hate about it or the people. it’s just a better place! but, who the hell can afford to live there.
    i’ve experienced it a million times. when people find out i’m from the bay area they all say the same thing “aaaahhhhhh, i love san franciso and would love to live there. most people in SCAL do not say that about new york.

    want to know something i find funney and scary. people from FLORIDA and the MID-WEST are impressed if your from helLA. people in san franciso and new york are not impressed at all. seattle, who the fuck cares what they have to say.

    hhhhhmmmmmm, who would you want to hang with?

    in closing…. that steve martin movie, LA STORY showed that LA is a special place in spite of all the silliness that goes on.

    P.S. huh? there are gays in san franciso?????

  5. As I say to anyone who visits from NYC or SF, Los Angeles is the joke that you have to be in on to get. If someone hasnt lived here at least 2 years they’ll never understand how amazing this city is.

    Also, being from SF, I have to say that alot of the hate is fed by stereotypes. Stereotypes that are for the most part not true in regards to LA but ARE in regards to Orange County. I went to the OC and realized that it was the OC that fed those stereotypes.

  6. Not that I love OC, though I did grow up and live there until recently. All I have to say is atleast no one in OC ever got caught saying the words “hella” or “dope” or “yo” in the same sentance or breath. We can thank SF for creative tongues that spawned such poetry.

    Though I do love visiting SF, it’s nice to know there are places with air that isn’t brown still.

  7. People in LA just don’t care what SF or NY thinks of us…

    In response to michael’s comment about how “everyone LOVES san francisco and there is nothing to hate about it” “it’s just a better place”, well, I beg to differ. Every time I go there, I find new things to love and hate, but I gotta tell ya, I can’t offhand think of the things to love right now.

    1. Traffic
    WORSE than LA? It’s possible! The problem seems to be that no one up there is used to traffic. It scares them, unlike the 405-hardened traffic vets we breed down here. I could go weeks (months?) without hearing a horn honked in anger here at home, but up there it seems like I can’t go half a day.

    2. Parking
    Sort of the same thing, I know, but it’s such a lousy situation, it really seems to merit its own point.

    3. Expense
    I considered moving up there to work (I’m a longshoreman) until I priced the local cost of living. My best San Francisco housing options seemed to be in either Berkeley or Oakland. In “The City”? No Way!

    (There’s probably a few more things I could mention, but I’m having trouble staying awake.)

    The two main reasons I go back up north are (were) Amoeba Records and Nation Burger.

    One down…

  8. phill,

    you make my point for me. you want to live in san francisco more than you want to live in SCAL! i hear ya on the traffic. that 101 is a mess!

    now get back to the docks! you’ve no time for blogging! hit those containers. i hear there is a huge back log of boats parked off our coast.

    me thinks the port of oakland is starting to get busy handling the overflow from SCAL

  9. SF? Meh. It can be nice if you’re wealthy. I’m not sure if I like it any more or less than LA, but there’s one place in Southern California I’d take over SF any day: Santa Barbara.

    The Bay is beautiful, but I didn’t find SF to be so amazingly beautiful a city while walking or driving through/around it.

    And why do people rave about Scoma’s? That is the worst restaurant ever. Crappy food, crappier atmosphere, and the crappiest service, all at twice the price of far better restaurants.

  10. I’ve lived in both the Orange and in the Bay Area. Frankly, what amused me most living up there was the denial of simple phenomena such as the smog which hangs over San Jose. But they don’t call it the Silly Con Valley for nothing.

    As a resident of the Orange, I get a little annoyed when the finger points south and stops here. What about San Diego? There’s an even larger bastion of bloodsucking reactionarianism but we here in the OC get ALL the blame for Right Wing Stupidity.

    Confession: I like both SF and LA. Its like having two friends with different personalities. Is there anything wrong with that?

    P.S. I never call it Fr*sco. It is The City.

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