More Ads That Suck (latest in a very occasional series)

notinla.jpgThumbing through the current issue of Time magazine I found this full-pager teasing to a website of mysterious repute: NotinLAdotcom. The coy developers of this promotion probably thought the photo would draw a blank for most ó and maybe it will. They even added some smarmy fine print at the bottom of the page that reads: “So you thought you might find out more reading this bit of small text running under the ad… okay here’s a hint, it’s not Vegas either.”

Aided by the obvious anti-Los Angeles sentiment in the website’s snarky address it only took me a second to recognize the top of the landmark TransAmerica tower poking like the tip of a tapered middle finger through the mother of all cloud banks. It was none other than San Francisco, and its visitors bureau had opted to perpetuate the tiresome rivalry by smacking down my hometown as lacking.

Lest I be gotten wrong: I adore SF. Been there plenty of times and once left my heart there and everything. But you go ahead you ‘Frisco kidders, with your fog often so dense you can spray paint on it and a sleety wind that can ice the warmest of intentions and dampen the most enthused of enthusiasms ó you go ahead and tune up your second fiddle and do your ever-hating best to sell the rest of the world that the City by the Bay is a way better place than L.A. to spend some of your discontented winter chilling. Literally.

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  1. Hey…it’s easy to be jealous of LA….take a look at this spectacular, crystal-clear weather we’re having. Even if it’s nippy…it’s gorgeous. People can’t help but envy the pretty one (and we even hide our brain sometimes so they don’t get too bent!)

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