all you need is love

As Will and Joz mentioned earlier, it seems like San Francisco (one of my favorite cities in the entire world, for the record) has made hating on Los Angeles a fundamental part of its identity.

Personally, I just don’t get it. SF is an amazing city, (if you can afford to live there) with all sorts of amazing things to see and do. Why do they need to hate on SoCal so much?

I mean, who cares that San Francisco doesn’t have the waves at Malibu or the skiing at Big Bear or the night clubs of the Sunset Strip. They’ve got all sorts of exciting hills! And the cable cars, when they’re not swarming with those stupid tourists who’ve flocked there from Los Angeles, are a time-tested mode of mass transit. And, seriously, do you think we’ll ever see a Metro bus in any sort of product’s brand identity like we do the cable cars? And Giants fans are some of the most loyal in the world. They won’t even mention Balco when Barry Bonds comes up to bat, while Dodger fans, if they’re even in the stadium past the seventh inning, throw bottles at Milton Bradley for screwing up a play. I remember this one time, I drove through the tenderloin, and I actually lost count of the crack whores, junkies, and hookers I saw. We just don’t have someplace as diverse and interesting here in Los Angeles.

Listen, San Francisco: maybe you just don’t realize how great you’ve got it up there. Why don’t you come on down to Los Angeles on one of those days when the Santa Ana winds blow all the smog away and you can stand at the Griffith Observatory and see Catalina, Santa Monica, Mount Baldy, and all of the over-crowded city stretched out beneath you from horizon to horizon?

I’m sure you’ll retun home to the land of fog and clever advertising slogans feeling much better about yourselves.

4 thoughts on “all you need is love”

  1. I have had the joy of driving first time visitors up to San Francicso in my taxi. As the city comes into view the usual reaction is a gasp, and then “Oh my! How beautiful!”

    One passenger from London said, “I saw the Golden Gate Bridge on TV, but it is nothing like being here.”

    San Francisco has something special going on.

  2. As a former Angeleno…I miss the warmth that SoCal offers, especially in the months between September and DecemBRRRRRR.

    Its a charming city too, but the folks are snobby.

    What do LA and SF have in common? Transplants…Ain’t no one born and raised in the city itself!

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