Last night I started my holiday shopping online. While I didn’t have to wait in line for an hour, I discovered my impulse buying in brick-and-mortar stores carries over into my online spending when I decided to cancel one of the items I had just purchased for a friend on Sephora for something at UrbanOutfitters instead. Obviously I’m going to have to learn to “browse” a bit.

I take comfort in knowing that I probably wasn’t the only one in Los Angeles shopping online last night. AOL announced today that Los Angeles is No. 2 on its list of “Most Wired Shopping Cities” from its third annual “Online Shopping Cities” survey. L.A. holds onto its No. 2 ranking from last year, as our West Coast neighbors, San Francisco and San Diego, climbed to the top three.

Hopefully this means easier parking at the Third Street Promenade and Westside Pavillion this season if I decide to do some “live” shopping. A girl can dream, can’t she?

UPDATE: The press release is actually from last week, but it’s still relevant. My bad. Come on, I’m new!

One thought on “THE SURVEY SAYS”

  1. Friday morning I thought, “I want to get as far away from a store as possible. I’m going fishing.” I stopped for coffee at 5am and it was full of people who had been waiting in line at Kohl’s. Talk about two groups that will never understand each other — we both thought “you’re up this early to do what!?”

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