3 thoughts on “Do you think heís type-cast?”

  1. Hey,

    You know I can’t bleive this day slipped my mind.
    I missed a very important day in the lives of many of those of us who grew up on Godzilla Reruns on the late night and 3 pm million dollar movies. We loved godzilla movies and still do.

    My sister called me to ask me to get a picture of the star on the walk of fame. I think it is cool. The dude looks different though , I thnk he does look a bit more modern , is that BOTOx in this photo? and of course it looks like a face lift too.

  2. Yeah, while it’s pretty hush hush, he’s had some work done. He’s been wearing Crest Fang Whitening Strips© for years and then there was that tail tuck down in Costa Rica a few years back. I think the real reason he looks so good is that the guy practically invented Atkins — nothing but meat for 50 years, never ate a carb.

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