AHHH! The “New People” are here!!

I spent all day yesterday pouring over a ton of e-mails that people sent in begging and pleading and offering mad cash to fill the one or two spots we had to fill. It was a very hard decision. However a few new spots opened up (Jason moved to San Francisco, Chris moved to Seattle, and Greg and Bob decided to step down since they have been increasingly busy and don’t have time for us anymore, WAH!) but we were lucky enough to have some amazing people in the waiting and so we’ve filled those spots and then some. I actually didn’t want to have any more people on the site than we already had, but after chopping and chopping and weeding out and throwing darts I still couldn’t narrow the list down any further, so in the end we added 6 people to fill 4 slots. Those 6 people are the “New People.”

The “New People” are also known as Colleen Wainwright, Jim Sedgwick, Lisa Beebe, Matt Hals, Nanette Pietroforte, and Tammara Wells. But feel free to just call them “New People.” We are. You might recognize some of them from the comments, or from their own blogs, or from the street corner, or from TV commercials, or the “from” fields on spam that fills up your in box, or from missing flyers plastered all over town. Or not. I’ll let them tell you about themselves, I just wanted to let you know they are here. And that they are new.

And new people… you can go ahead and make the rest of those payoffs as previously arranged. Remember, unmarked bills.

12 thoughts on “AHHH! The “New People” are here!!”

  1. I prefer “the new meat.” As in, “Hey new meat, wash my clothes or I’ll sell you for a pack of cigarettes.” :) Welcome to the hole, new meat!

  2. Yummy! Nothing betther than new meat! I mean..well aged meat can be good too…but then again fresh meat always stirs the soul. Waitaminute…. we’re talkin’ about the same thing here, right?
    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  3. Hey! It’s not that I’m too busy! It’s that I’m not busy enough — I’m a hermit and never go out and, as a result, don’t have much of interest to impart upon the fine citizens here!

    So I will continue to enjoy the writings of those who do get out and about, and comment when I can without taking up space better suited to someone who’s actually out there experiencing the city!

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  5. Whaddaya mean, “new people”? “New meat”? Old newspaper types are like well-aged wine:At 84, I still write a monthly column, still go to Old Farts meetings — and I stand ready to blog with any of you! Albuquerque Journal, 1937-1945; LA Daily News (the original), 1945-1954; LA Mirror, 1954-1962; LA Times 1962=1967, and then I worked 19 years at RAND pubrel director.

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