A little late, but here’s a photo of my Thanksgiving Tonkatsu…

Among the many things I am grateful for, I am always especially grateful for my family & loved ones. Although my Mom can be “a character” at times, I know that everything she does is out of love for me and my brother: we are so lucky.

Homemade tonkatsu with rice, shredded cabbage, and potato saladOur Thanksgivings are usually celebrated with our large extended family at my Aunt’s (Mom’s sister) place with the “traditional” Thanksgiving fare… and then some (i.e. – last year filet mignon was on the menu). This year, because my Aunt & Uncle are still dealing with the remodeling of their new home, their house wasn’t ready for entertaining so we decided to celebrate quietly at home.

I didn’t want Mom to go to any trouble for dinner, but unfortunately, no restaurants were open on Thanksgiving. So my Mom and I ended up making one of my favorite comfort foods, tonkatsu (see JR’s description of tonkatsu) with rice, shredded cabbage, and potato salad for Thanksgiving dinner. Not exactly “traditional,” (no, we are NOT Japanese) but still yummy and Mom-made with love.

Incidentally, Thanksgiving was also my birthday this year, so if you are all interested in some food porn, I made a giant post about food with photos here.

4 thoughts on “A little late, but here’s a photo of my Thanksgiving Tonkatsu…”

  1. Tonkatsu was a childhood staple in my home and I have very fond memories of it. Its all about the damn sauce and a slightly fatty cut of pork to fashion that scrumptious fried cutlet with. You’ve even got the julienned†cabbage on the side! I like mine japanese style with a side of steamed broccoli with mayo (sounds strange, but somehow rocks).

    Great, now I have the 1am munchies :)

  2. Since your thanksgiving post was late, you won’t mind that i wish you a belated happy birthday either…will yah? =)

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