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JJ Abrams is one of the two reasons I wish I had cable (the other being, of course, Deadwood). Fortunately for me I have generous friends who invite us over to get overly involved in the weaving, enjoyable, and sometimes shocking stories of LOST and, heart be still, Alias. Ah Alias, despite the fact that it deals with SPIES for christssakes, I like the fact that all of their “international” locations are in downtown Los Angeles. Oh, they’re in Russia…nope, just the Biltmore. Ah, they’re in Sweden…nope, that’s the downtown bridge. I’m just waiting for them to film something outside of the gallery – are you listening JJ? As for LOST, I’ve been gone hook-line-and-sinker since that show debuted. It’s phenominally crafted and, just so long as that monster isn’t Barney, I’ll continue to watch.

The New York Times has an article on Mr. Abrams today who is working on another pilot and Mission Impossible 3. Can it be that someone in Hollywood actually has style, taste, and is getting great jobs? I hope for more of his shows and less of the droll and useless “reality” shows. Wouldn’t you much rather watch Jennifer Garner as a spy with a hot dude than some disgusting wife swap? (Note: America’s Next Top Model is excluded from that statement – that shit rocks).

4 thoughts on “JJ Abrams Love”

  1. Now that Ambassador Delenn is on Lost, can we look forward to a visit from the Centauri? As long as no sleestaks show up, I’ll be happy.

    Oh, and Alias will start airing in January at 9pm Wednesdays – it’ll be a 2-hour J.J. Abrams rock block!

  2. “Lost” rocks. And the great thing is, you don’t need cable. J.J. Abrams is a good reminder that the broadcast networks still have some life in them…

  3. That is why I like live right outside downtown. Why go to disney world or las vegas when the other countries, according to Abrams, is three minutes away!

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