Saturday Is Religious Intrusion Day

1120.jpg On our regular fitness walks around the neighborhood, usually my baby and I head up and down and around some of Silver Lake’s available public stairways, but on this morning we decided to forego our usual routes up the Music Box Steps and accept the challenge of climbing up Micheltorena from Sunset Boulevard to the top. So we headed from our house across Marathon up to Micheltorena, and on our way north we first pass two LAPD patrol cars whose officers are congregated around an older jeep Cherokee. The officers smiled and waved and said good morning as we passed, which allowed me to hope that the vehicle didn’t contain anything or anyone dead, and we didn’t linger at all to find out the contrary.

Down the 200 stairs to Sunset, we set off up the climb to the top of the decently steep Micheltorena, at the top of which we spot a pair of Asian women heading south. One of the women, walking backwards, is wearing a vest and upon its back is everybody’s favorite: “Jesus Is God Read The Bible.” The fun part is, she proceeds to intentionally walk right up to me indicating the phrase on her back, asking repeatedly “Excuse me? Excuse me? Did you read? Did you read?” Stifling the urge to scream “No he’s not. Read something else!” my baby and I went on our way to the reservoir then at the Backdoor Cafe for a little breakfast before heading home. Not more than 15 minutes after we arrive there’s a knock on the door and I find a pair of neatly dressed Watchtower-bearing Jehovah’s Witness folk asking me if I was interested in learning more about how I could live forever.

Lord, help me.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Is Religious Intrusion Day”

  1. Oh, my. The “Jesus is God, read the bible” signs sure do get me going, as I’m a sometime student of theology and could refute that in about 27 seconds. I sure wish they’d venture into the artists colony so I could debunk their theology. Want to trade?

  2. I’m with ya Kathleen, the smug adamance of “JIGRTB” always braids the hair on the back of my neck, but I wouldn’t dare attempt to refute their beliefs. To them that’s just another poor unwashed non-believer trying to keep a savior down.

    And my encounter with the Jehovah’s Witnesses (my first in more than 20 years) was surprisingly cordial. I told the two door-to-door disciples that while I was all about religious freedom and their right to canvas the neighborhood soliciting for new souls, I was also all about keeping my belief system to my own personal holy trinity (my echo, my shadow, and me) to which they respectfully and perplexedly adjourned.

  3. Back when I was in college and taking a handful of Bible study classes there was some JW that used to come around to my house and I’d talk to them for hours asking them questions and trying to stump them. Half it was for pure amusement and the other half was knowing if they were talking to me they weren’t bugging other people. So I was kind of catching the bullet for the neighborhood. But then I got sick of them and started talking about my Roman Catholic family and they stopped coming around.

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