LA – City of Rain

Caryn had never seen Lethal Weapon before so we rented it from Video Journeys the other day and finally got to watch it tonight. If you haven’t seen it in a while all you need to know at the moment is it takes place in LA and it’s raining in every other scene. We were making jokes thought the whole thing about the “creative license” that the director must have taken with that since it never rains here. Never. OK, maybe like one day a year. But not in December and not every day like they depict on the screen. I guess since Mel made that Jesus flick earlier this year he’s got some extra back up or something because as soon as the credits started rolling it started raining. Just to show us. I swear there was a puddle on my porch shaped like a middle finger. It’s was like Baby Jesus himself heard us breakin’ Mel’s balls over the that tubular hair-do he’s rocking and decided to take a piss all over us. Guess that’s what we get for busting on a dude who’s down with Gee Oh Dee!

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