Glamourcon 35 coming to L.A. this weekend

Photo used with permission from Genevieve Gallen at GenevieveG.comGlamourcon is the premier gathering of Playmates, Models, Pinups, Artists, Photographers, Celebrities, Collectibles Dealers, Publication Vendors, Agencies in the Glamour industry and they’ve pulled together a huge guest list to come to town this weekend.

I know that it would seem like our resident fanboy Koga should’ve been the one to post about this, but since I’m actually going to be at Glamourcon this weekend to support Genevieve Gallen, one of the many featured models at the event, I thought I’d make the post and put up a little bit of eye candy as long as I was at it.

I know Koga can talk firsthand about some of his experiences at past Glamourcon conventions… anyone else have any past Glamourcon stories to tell?

In addition to a huge list of models (including well over 35 Playboy Playmates), there will also be booths from L.A. landmarks such as Golden Apple Comics and Hollywood Book & Poster and many, many others.

Is anyone else planning to be there?

2 thoughts on “Glamourcon 35 coming to L.A. this weekend”

  1. Nice, you beat me to the punch in posting about this.

    I actually haven’t been to a Glamourcon convention in years, but I would strongly recommend getting there early if you want to park at the hotel, otherwise you’re stuck finding street parking, sometimes blocks away!

    The other thing is *please*, wear deodorant! :o

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that Hugh Hefner and his entourage have usually shown up to say hi to his Playmates, and that’s always quite a surreal sight. ^_^

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