Kidrobot comes to LA

bm-logo.gifLA gets to join the uber toy hipster club the likes of only SF and NYC were previously witness too. What the hell does that sentance even mean? Who knows. We’re getting a Kidrobot store of our very own is what I was trying to get at. A while back I bought some stuff from them when they were just a website (no stores anywhere) and since then I’ve been getting e-mails from them saying “check out this cool store we’re opening a damn bazillion miles away from you” and “you are invited to this way cool party that will cost you a grand in plane fares to make it to” and other useless crap like that. But not today. The e-mail I got today said:

And if that was not enough, Our LA store will be opening this Saturday the 20th! Kidrobot LA, 1407 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401. (310) 576-7766. Store is open from 11-8pm, stop in before all the good toys are gone!

I’m pretty sure they will make a killing out there. And not only because their toys are satanically expensive, but also because their toys are satanically expensive! I’m sure there’s toy nerds a plenty creaming their pants right now reading this post. Or the e-mail that they probably got as well. I’ll go check it out when someone has a new idea.

2 thoughts on “Kidrobot comes to LA”

  1. The last time I dissed on an overprices toy store, I got an upset email from them. They said they were “competitive”. Like you said man, “satanically expensive” if thats what they meant by being “competitive”.

    What I’ve heard as well as experienced at the kid robot store in SF is you see something on their website, go to the store to purchase it but they say its sold out. I guess they have different supplies for different stores.

  2. i used to buy many toys from kidrobot’s online store until i discovered that their prices were about 10% higher than toytokyo and ningyoushi’s. i’ll still be bravin the tourists and checkin out the store sometime.

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