Arclight parking no longer free

When they opened they offered 3 hours of free parking. When they started showing the Lord of the Rings movies (3 hours each) they upped it to 4 free hours. I’ve been half expecting it to drop back to 3 hours, but yesterday we went and now it’s $1 for 4 hours. I’m not complaing, $1 for 4 hours still a steal, but not quite the steal that free was.

There was also a bunch of security guards walking around, eyeing us, and peering into car windows which was kind of odd.

4 thoughts on “Arclight parking no longer free”

  1. The Arclight lot sucks donkey sack. I’ve sat in my car long enough to miss the free parking window a couple of times, since the people that run the garage seem to think that it’s perfectly appropriate to only have one cashier open when a movie gets out. Bastards. That’s the only bruise on the otherwise delicious apple that’s the Arclight.

  2. One dollar isn’t so bad for four hours. I made a mistake a few nights ago saying that I went to see an afi movie and had to pay 2.50. In reality, I saw no movie and jsut wanted my ticket validated. I should have did better research before asking.

  3. Thats not that bad, I get to pay the city $5.00/hr for parking with 2″ of my bumper in a red zone last night. Who would think that parking at the corner of Franklin and Mariposa would be so hoity-toity.

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