Put the Phone Down!

It’s a losing battle getting people to stop using their phones in the car. I recognize that. So here’s another approach: don’t be afraid to put the phone down.

Something’s going on? Need to merge? Need to make a left turn? Tell the person to whom you’re talking to hold on and then PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Yes, in that cup holder, or between your legs. But put it down until you have completed the taxing task at hand. Then pick it back up when you’re on the straight and narrow and continue that important conversation.

I was in the parking lot at work on Friday and someone was trying to park as I was walking and they were on the phone and THEY BACKED INTO ME. Yes, me, the pedestrian who was walking towards him when he drove up and he could have seen me if he were paying attention when he was going forward, he jockeyed into a spot and then backed up. I put my hand out onto the trunk and yelled and he stopped (pretty sheepish when he heard me, I’ll admit), but HE NEVER PUT THE PHONE DOWN! So folks, please, let’s get some priorities.

4 thoughts on “Put the Phone Down!”

  1. After reading this post I went down to the gallery and almost got hid by a guy who merged into my lane while on the phone. I swerved, he swereved, and I honked but he never put the phone down. I honked again because he almost hit something else and he slammed on him breaks and came to a complete stop on the freeway then took off again, never once putting down the phone. what a dick.

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