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Sometimes people complain about how fake the denizens in los angeles are. I can see that. I’ve felt my share of fake breasts and passed by guys with a lot of aftershave potion trying to hide their body odor or personality. A lot of them exists.

Six space was having their anniversay show and although I’m not a big fan of parties and art openings…well, like i don’t really need to see canvas or paper with a bunch of strangers and if i need to see friends in general, I kind of just call them up – this telephone things works really well for me. But with the chance of stalking staring at jason lee or wil wheaton, who have visited the gallery before, why the hell not. And than as I parked my car and saw the plethora of people spilt out into the sidewalk, and despite the possible celebrity spotting, jessica alba not withstanding, its doubtful I would have enjoyed myself. Lot of people. A chance for a lot of fake people. As I stood outside without a cigarette that I don’t smoke, artist seonna hong came over to say hi. We know more of each other than we actually know each other – we have mutual friends. And for a brief moment, we chatted about shit and everyday life. That was nice and inspiring. We said our good byes and I looked over inside the gallery.

Over three million people live in los angeles. Its a crowded city but it seems like its easy to be lonely too. Maybe we really shouldn’t care how many people who aren’t like us are out there. Maybe we really just need to talk to the one who is. They’re here. They’re really not that hard to find. Maybe jessica alba.

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  1. being fake is a protection mechanism from disappointment with the inevitable way that people and things change

    friends come and go

    love has a shelf life

    and nothing is sure thing, beyond today.

  2. Dear God: Yea, maybe, but there’s always hope. Obi wan kinobe.

    Jason: Its easy to be lonely anywhere actually. LA is just a bigger place to find it.

  3. So, how does Jessica Alba fit into your discussion about lonliness in LA? I’m just curious, that’s all . . .

  4. Phil: sometimes I write and edit on the fly, what makes sense in my head loses its connection thread in the post. Or I just plan to somehow always add jessica alba in all my future posts regardless of subject matter.

  5. Billy,

    Try to fall in love, a nice but by no means permanent antidote, for lonliness. And if that fails and you decide to stick around this ambitous town, gravitate to the porn industry where there are Jessica Alba look-a-likes galore. True, the porn industry is one of the last stops along the line, but at least you can see survival in our empty, glazed eyes.


  6. Awww! Bill….they’re being harsh on you buddy. It was a lovely musing about just surviving on the grid. And while this sounds rather trite, the truth is everyone is alone…and sometimes lonely. We’ve ALL been in that hipster crowded place alone and felt like the only one not hooked up. Go for it Bill, I say reach out and touch someone….maybe it WILL turn out to be your Jessica!

  7. Hell, I own the gallery and sometimes I walk around not talking to anyone and feeling alone. The only thing I ask is to please not call sixspace a hipster place – I’ll die! :P

  8. Duh!…apparently I need to reexamine my writing since the focus on my post wasn’t suppose to be about me being lonely or how shallow LA is. In fact, I was really trying to emphasize how, despite that particular stereotype/generalization, that it really doesen’t matter since it only takes one conversation with one person to make things all ok.

    Mr. B: Actually I’m not complaining about the amount of hipsters in LA. Its just a statement that there are. In fact, I can tell you that I think there’s very little, relative to the greater population of LA. I mentioned seonna hongs name (and as an artist) because I intentionally write assuming that people don’t know who she is. I guess she’s pretty famous in the crowd you run with so it seems like name dropping to you. But to me, she’s just someone I know.

    Caryn: Shit, i’ve know my hipster spots and never thought of sixspace as one of them. Now if you ran Firecracker, thats another story.

  9. Firecracker is a hip spot. How do I know? Because I go there, and, really- who’s more hip than me?

  10. Cindy. Shit, I am just digging myself a bigger hole each time I open my mouth…haha. Ironically, i might be there this friday…ugh!

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