TiVO Your Torrents

BoingBoing posts the most valuable link of the year: How to combine BitTorrent and RSS so that you never miss a TV show. I’ve already been relying on BitTorrent to get the UK-airing-only episodes of the new, fracking-incredible Battlestar Galactica, and for when my TiVo inexplicably decides that Lost airing at 8:00 and The W(or)st Wing airing at 9:00 constitues an overlap.

Now somebody tell Manny Perry to quit whining and go make Jerry Bruckhiemer pay him more. Argh!

4 thoughts on “TiVO Your Torrents”

  1. Isn’t it great? I have been doing this for awhile since I moved and didn’t bring my television with me.

    Someday the media companies will figure out this sort of push/pull of their content is the future of their buisness and learn to love it.

    There is no reason something like iTunes wouldn’t work for providing television shows and movies.

  2. Unfortunately, the current thinking goes something like:

    “Hey, there are customers who want our product SO MUCH, they’re willing to go to ridiculous extra lengths to get it. What should we do about that?”

    “I know! We’ll SUE THEM!”

  3. Actually, not so inexplicable. Lost now runs until 9:01 (thanks ABC!). This is much like ER starting at 9:59 on Thursdays. It’s the beginning of a fun little TiVo war by the networks.

  4. Hey Jay, the reason that those new BG episodes are only airing in the UK is that they already aired over here, a long time ago. The UK is just now getting their first showing. The new episodes should be on SciFi early next year.

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