The Graduate


Today my puppy is a man. Well, he’s a graduate anyway.

Today marked our final Devil Dog Ranch puppy class which means that my little Quint has the certificate to prove he knows how to sit, stay, lay down, and has, what they call, basic manners. He’s still a long way from being a little gentleman but he’s fast on that path. Unfortunately there was no cap and gown but there is that certificate – which is now proudly displayed on the fridge next to his brother, Lebowski’s, certificate.

Congrats to little Bella too – a sweet little pooch (part of the “LA Pinchers”) who also graduated today.

Oh, they just grow up so fast, do they?

2 thoughts on “The Graduate”

  1. Malachi sends his envious congratuations to Quint & reminds his mom that he needs to go to class before the grand Holiday Min Pin Family reunion!

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