Xmas time in the city!


On my way to get coffee today, I saw a “Coming Soon” sign for Christmas trees. Now I know because my schedule is so crazy that I sometimes forget my own name but surely it’s not time for Xmas trees again, is it? Don’t we have a least a few more weeks until October? Maybe it is the exact correct time and Xmas tree peddlers are showing some restraint. I mean, I have been seeing ornaments at Save-On for the past three months. It seems that pretty much after Easter, it’s Xmas time in the city!

My advice…wait a few weeks. Then you’ll get that glorious Charlie Brown-style tree that’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

One thought on “Xmas time in the city!”

  1. For years I always purposely bought Charlie Brown style trees. The smallest, weediest looking little thing I could find that nobody else would love. But you can’t find them anymore! I go and ask for the most marginal tree they have and they don’t have any. Boo!

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