Green for Piazza?

In baseball news, the L.A. Times and N.Y. Times (as well as sports radio) have been reporting on a possible Shawn Green for Mike Piazza trade, bringing the former Dodger back from the N.Y. Mets. This seems like it would be a good move for a few reasons, not least of which we need a good hitting catcher. Also, it might mollify some of those still miffed about losing catcher Paul Lo Duca last year.

3 thoughts on “Green for Piazza?”

  1. Don’t get yer hopes up. It’s just some good ol’ Hot Stove Baseball talk, that time of year when everybody is rumored to be traded for everybody else. Omar’s trying to make some noise.

    Although, on a selfish note, I’d love to be able to see Mikey hit on a regular basis again. He is a special player. But I want to see him go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Mets cap.

  2. Piazza has no defense, and he can’t call a game. They need to make him play 1st. Screw his pride in being ‘the best hitting catcher’. Don’t bring him back until he can throw out more the 25% of the runners on the friggin basepaths.

  3. Green has a no-trade clause – He can veto any trade if he doesn’t like the team he’s being traded to.

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