Hostages taken downtown

There’s some kind of Mexican Standoff going on at the Mexican Consulate in downtown LA (2401 west 6th street Avenue, 90057) Several blocks have been evacuated and hostages have been taken.

According to MSNBC and ABC this is already over. Sounds like one armed man, with a bunch of signs on his body grabbed a woman but hed her in front of the signs so no one could read then, but then got shot by the cops and the woman got away. Or something.

I can’t seem to find out if I should take an alternate route into work today or not, but since this is more MacArthur Park area, maybe Marc Brown has more insight? (check his moblog)

5 thoughts on “Hostages taken downtown”

  1. A ha. That’s only six or seven blocks from my house. I was wondering what the hell all the commotoin was. Anyway, didn’t seem to affect traffic much where I was.

  2. I wonder if the speeding unmarked black sedan, with sirens wailing and lights flashing, that was racing southbound in the fast lane of the 101 Freeway this morning was related to this? :o

  3. Hey — well i can offer a little insight.

    Lots has been covered in the news, but the streets are still closed off (2:30pm). According to our building security guard, his friend told him that the suspect was *not* shot by the police, but by an unknown third party. So the police have been looking around for this other armed assailant (or vigilante)?!?

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