HALO 2 Launch Party Tonight…

From IGN:

Monday night thousands of eager gamers will begin lining up outside video game stores across the country. With upwards of two million preorders, Halo 2 is the sensation of 2004. It may not end up the best selling game of the year, but no other game launch is an event like Halo 2.

Being the most important game it has ever released, Microsoft is sponsoring specific stores in five different locations. If you’re near one of these places, be sure to stop by before midnight to catch the festivities. Though there is no official statement as to the possibility of prizes, since these are official Microsoft events, it’s safe to assume they will offer more for gamers than any other store in the US.

Locally, the official launch party is at Citywalk.

I don’t know if there are any other retailers selling the game tonight at midnight (Fry’s, for instance, won’t be selling it until 8:00 AM tomorrow), but there you go.

6 thoughts on “HALO 2 Launch Party Tonight…”

  1. Acme Game Store at Melrose/La Brea is supposedly selling it right now. Don’t know how they’re swinging that. They’re having a party tonight, with an open bar starting at 6 (I think).

    I think Best Buy is also selling at at midnight.

  2. Hm, hopefully word won’t get out about that if that is true, ahem! Otherwise, they’re looking at a $400k fine from Microsoft! :o

  3. Can you believe I’ve *never* heard any of the I Love Bees stuff? And I almost don’t care either, but now that you’re asking about it, I’m wondering WTF it’s all about. :o

  4. Holy crap, Koga. Really? Jay even had a bLA post about it! Ha ha ha. It seems cool. Check out this: http://www.argn.com

    Mr. Hooks, I haven’t seen the DVD. I didn’t really keep up with the game, but I’d be interested to see the DVD. Joystiq makes it sound kind of boring, though.

    Is anybody here in the World of Warcraft open beta?

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