The Eye of Every Storm

NeurosisFeaturedArtist.jpgIf the ATP festival is feeling too indie for you, I encourage you to head to West Hollywood on Saturday night. Progressive metal legends Neurosis will be there to blow the doors off of The Troubador with a special 2 1/2 hour long extended set, featuring special guest Jarboe (formerly of Swans). They’re only doing this in five cities on the whole planet, so count your blessings. And get there early as there’s no opening band. You’ll also probably want to bring earplugs, but they’ve been moving in a more symphonic direction as of late so who knows.

6 thoughts on “The Eye of Every Storm”

  1. cant wait to see them in NYC at end of the month. I would be interested in hear a review of the show if you go…

  2. not to be all nitpicky or anything, but technically, don’t you think neurosis and jarboe are more “indie” than anything at ATP?

  3. I guess it depends on if you mean independant or “Indie.” They don’t wear white belts and too-small 70’s sleepaway camp T’s, so they’re certainly not “Indie.” But yeah, it not a stretch to say they’re more indie, small i. :) Too be honest, though, I don’t know all the bands at ATP so there could be some cool experimental stuff. And no matter how popular they might be, Flaming Lips has tons of cred in my opinion.

  4. i once thought indie meant independent, and not on a major label. In that sense neurosis has always been on larger independent lables and now are moving towards putting stuff out themselves is more indie than anything else industry types are putting in that catergory. Reminds me when Nirvana made money and the whole alternative genre popped up. Either way they have been doing business the right way for their entire 15 yr existance and thats to be commended.

  5. Are you guys really discussing the indie cred of neurosis? Shouldn’t that be best left to the White Stripes or something? Neurosis rocks balls and that’s good enough for me.

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