AUTOLUXLos Angelesís own, AUTOLUX, have just released their full-length debut ìFuture Perfectî and I must tell you ITíS SMOKING! I rarely say this kind of thing, but I strongly URGE you to go out and buy this record, because in my opinion it is one of this yearís BEST. This band is special. And not the short bus special. Their sound falls somewhere between My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth (and Iím talking about the Sonic Youth records where they play SONGS not the ones where theyíre banging spoons together), Can, and The Jesus and Mary Chain (from whom I think theyíve borrowed the amazing ability of marrying their lovely shrieking noise, insanely loud and glorious feedback, with their lush and beautiful male/female harmonies). They have a very 90ís arty vibe, write great pop songs that love to stick in your head, and theyíre even better live. Just make sure you bring your earplugs cuz theyíre fucking LOUD. And I’m talking about the “good kind of loud” that you can feel right there in the square of your chest! And their drummer kills it! Not to sound like a total misogynist, but their drummer Carla, is by far the best female drummer I have ever seen. Hell, sheís better than most guy drummers out there. As for the other members, Greg (guitar/vox) was in that band Failure whom you might have heard before. If youíre a guitar geek, youíll realize that his TONES ARE SIIIIICK! And Eugene (bass/vox) was in the Guns Ní Roses video ìNovember Rainî playing violin and wrote the instrumental Beastie Boyís song ìEugene¥s Lamentî (among other things like playing in that punk band DFL). Another interesting (and totally LA) fact about this band is they are on Red Ink Records, which is an imprint of Columbia and owned by The Coen Brothers. Yeah The Coen Brothers that made The Big Lebowski among plenty of other great movies. I wonder if THE DUDE is into Autolux? Check out their atypical EPK by clicking HERE and their website by clicking HERE. They playing Cinespace in Hollywood on Tuesday by the way.

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  1. woo! I have been waiting for this day – they ran out of their demos and have not had any live shows in a while – their show is a must

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