Whoa, I can’t believe that I’m actually excited for a music festival and I’m in America. Granted, it’s not a totally “SOLID” line up, at least it’s better than Coachella 2004 was, Lollapalooza 2004 wasn’t, The Warped Tour ever was, Ozzfest, or any other American music festival for that matter. American’s just don’t know how to rock man. So until they let me book my own fucking festival of 100% radical ass kicking bands, this ATP gig will have to do. Plus they told me I’d get free tickets if I wrote this thing… Anyhoo, this weekend, down in the LBC (if you’re not a Snoop Dogg fan, that stands for Long Beach California biotch), they’re throwing a big two day rock show called “ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES” (yeah, it’s named after The Velvet Underground song) amd Modest Mouse picked all the bands this time around (Slint’s picking bands for the London ATP sometime next year). On Saturday November 6th you can see: LOU REED (Yeah he’s old and weird now but it’s still Lou Reed and you know he’s gonna fuck up some Velvet songs), THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION, WHITE MAGIC, LUNGFISH, J MASCIS + THE FOG, MODEST MOUSE, & THE BUFF MEDWAYS FEATURING BILLY CHILDISH as well as EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, THE WALKMEN, WOLF PARADE, SUFJAN STEVENS, WHITE HASSLE, & WILLY MASON . And on Sunday November 7th you can see: THE CRAMPS, THE SHINS, STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS, BUILT TO SPILL, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, CONSTANTINES, THE FLAMING LIPS as well as LOVE AS LAUGHTER, THOSE PEABODYS, RADAR BROTHERS, MAGIC MAGICIANS, & PEACHES. Is anyone else excited about this? Am I alone here? Who else is going? Speak up Lou Reed fans. Oh, go check out the ATP website by clicking HERE.


  1. Did anyone else book a room at the Queen Mary for this event, and get a phone call in Mid-October booting you out because you got the wrong room rate and then all the rooms were sold out? I know of two other people. Whats up with that? I hope it doesn’t ruin this event for me and my peeps.

  2. That lineup is not even close to as good as ANY Coachella festival has been much less the best one which was, of course, last year.

  3. You’re tripping man. Coachella 2004 sucked balls, unless you caught some shit I missed out there in the 200 degree heat. The only good bands I SAW were Kraftwerk, The Pixies (but they barely count cuz they’re old, fat, sober, and I saw them the night before at the Glasshouse, which was ten times better than seeing them in a field), Radiohead (who totally sucked, they were acutally OUT OF TUNE on some songs), and I guess you could say The Cure (but they were so quiet they might as well of not played, plus they played a bunch of new songs from their ROSS ROBINSON record). ATP slays that shit.

  4. Travis, has it ever occured to you that some people might like the other music festivals because they know and like the bands playing there? You seem quick to deem everything that you’re not interested in as “sucking” or “shitty”. Why not just be excited about this festival instead of playing the “I’m cool and indy and your American festivals suck” card?

  5. I’m not sure you were at the same festival I was at. The Pixies were fucking tight. Radiohead was amazing. Air was dope too.. not to mention all the good Hip Hop I saw from Dizzee Rascal and the Streets etc..

    When its all said and done, the acts that played at Coachella 2004 had way more of a profound and direct influence on music than any of these bands at this festival will ever have.

  6. Jesus, everyone’s a fucking cry baby around here. Hang on while I rub your pussies.

    Did it ever occur to me that people like bands cuz they know them? What the fuck does that mean? Who doesn’t know Lou Reed? What planet are you from? Did it ever occur to YOU that most people are total fucking morons? I deemed Coachella shitty not cuz it wasn’t interesting to me, but because it WAS shitty. The sound was shit, the heat was shit, the drive out there was shit, and the line up was shit. That equals shitty to me. Sorry if you disagree, but I’m right and you’re wrong. If your idea of a good time is watching hip hop live (which in case you weren’t sure, is people yelling at you – hip hop live is about as fun as going to the dentist) or Air live (which as good as their records might be is TOTALLY FUCKING BORING TO WATCH LIVE – wanna watch me check my email?), DURING THE DAY in a field in the desert, then KNOCK YOURSELF OUT CHAMP!

    Profound and direct influence on music? What? LOU REED BITCH!

    You guys can skip The Cramps, Old Lou, Black Heart, The Shins, Stephen Malkmus, White Magic, and Lungfish and wait til Coachella next year you fucking cry babies.

  7. “The sound was shit, the heat was shit, the drive out there was shit, and the line up was shit. That equals shitty to me.”

    So why’d you pay all that money and drive out to this shitty concert?? I mean, shit.

  8. I didn’t pay all that money, I got in free dorkusmolorcus. And I went all the way out there cuz I wanted to see Kraftwerk (who slayed), Radiohead (who were the worst I’ve ever seen them, I’ve seen them be amazing, but at Coachella 2004, they were LOAFY), and Wilco (who canceled and SPARTA played in their slot, tell me that isn’t harsh). So yeah, looking back, standing in the heat all day watching medicore bands… wasn’t worth it. All Tomorrow Parties on the other hand, I’m gonna check out.

  9. Man, speaking as an East Coaster, who has monitored both Coachella lineups and ATP lineups for the last few years, I gotta say. Coachella 2004 rocked the planet and this year’s ATP line-up is the weakest it has ever been. At Coachella you had so many great options to see, so if you didn’t have a good time it’s really your poor choices not the festival’s fault. This year’s ATP sucks ass compared to last year, not to mention one of its best bands (Flaming Lips)was a Coachella headliner last year so whats the f*cking argument to begin with?

  10. “if you didn’t have a good time it’s really your poor choices not the festival’s fault.”

    I stay far away from all this stuff so I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure that if the festival is held in the middle of the summer in the middle of the desert then yes, it really is the festivals fault.

  11. If people have a problem with a little heat, then they have the choice not to go. If they choose to go and whine about the heat all day wasn’t that their bad choice?

    There were 5 stages running simultaneously providing a variety of bands for 2 days. We knew the line-up ahead of time. Odds are you’re going to find some good performances in all that music, otherwise why choose to attend? If you didn’t see some good music I insist that it was your poor decision of who to watch and who to skip.

    I flew out from the East Coast for Coachella ’04, with a crew of people and even though it was a little hot we all had a great time.

  12. Pretty much your argument seems to be it was too hot for you to have fun at Coachella. I, for one, DO enjoy seeing live hip-hop. I also thought that Air’s set was friggin amazing, in that it cane at dusk just when the heat of the day left us and night fell. What better time to Air. It moved me.

    I’m not going to insult your taste in music, but to say that Coachella 2k4 was inferior to ATP is simply not true.

    PS – I know who Lou Reed is, but I’ll say it again. One Lou Reed does not even come close to equalling the combined influence of Kraftwork, Radiohead, and The Cure.

  13. OK man, you like RAP MUSIC and guys behind LAPTOPS in the blazing desert heat.


    And I DON’T cuz I think that shit is STUPID and BORING. Much like this whole argument…. why are you guy’s such whiners here? Again, Iím back to rub your vaginal areas. Pussies.

    SoÖ We have different opinions on what is good and what sucks. I think live rap music sucks rock hard donkey dicks. And I think at Coachella 2004 Radiohead sucked, The Cure’s sucked too, and that Kraftwerk slayed. And Iím excited to go see some bands at ATP, get drunk, and enjoy myself. That’s my opinion. If you don’t like my opinion you’re a geek. Sorry.

    And as far as the argument about whoís more influential… I’m still sticking with The Velvet Underground over Radiohead and The Cure man… Please explain to me who the Cure and Radiohead inspire? Linkin Park? SICK BRO!

    And as for the geek above you who’s saying I shouldn’t have gone to Coachella if I didn’t like it… PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO KNOW BANDS I LIKE ARE GONNA SUCK BEFORE THEY PLAY? I GOT FREE TICKETS TO THE SHOW AND A FREE RIDE OUT THERE… WHO WOULDN’T GO CHECK IT OUT? Thatís really fucking awesome that you dug every single band on all of the five stages but I donít like shit like THE KILLERS or BRIGHT EYES or SPARTAÖ sorry. Sue me.

  14. I’m a pussy because I like live hip hop? Hmmm.. okay. Did I say anything about The Killers or Sparta? I hate both of those bands. And Kraftwerk IS a bunch of dudes behind laptops. So if your saying that me liking dudes standying behind laptops makes me a geek, then doesnt that make you a geek too?

    I was wonder what the hell your deal was until clicked on your name and saw that you were the infamous “Travis from Buddyhead”. I thought you were just some sort of a random aggro douchebag. But your not, your a very specific aggro douchebag.

    Love your site. Hate your opinion on Coachella.

  15. No, you misunderstood me…

    Let me break it down for youÖ. You are a geek cuz you like live Hip Hop. You’re a pussy cuz you’re on the internet bitching like a little girl. Got it?

    First off… THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KRAFTWERK AND AIR… do I really need to go blow for blow here? OK FINE I WILL… Kraftwerk puts on a SHOW. Air doesn’t. Sorry mr. guy with urban outfitter’s taste in music. Plus Kraftwerk played in a tent WITH A SICK LIGHT SHOW and by that time (they were the last band to play) everyone was off the head on either booze, E, mushrooms, or some other substance so the people watching was A+ even if you thought the euros in suits behind MACHINES THEY MADE were boring. And besides all of this nitpicking THEY ARE KRAFTWERK, theyíre be no AIR or whatever other shitty electro bands you jack off to without them.

    Yeah dude I’m a aggro douchebag cuz I stand behind my opinion and I don’t think hip hop is rad like the rest of America. YEAH FUCK ME!

  16. My taste in music is better than your taste in music! Without guys like Edgard VarËse and Karlheinz Stockhausen there’d be no Kraftwerk! Oh yeah? Well, live hip-hop sucks cack! Peanut butter! Chocolate! Fuck you! No, fuck you!

  17. Congratulations. You don’t like hip-hop. I guess this makes you some sort of rebel or something.

    I was born and raised on the shit, it aint gonna change because some pasty silverlaked-haired ironic t-shirt guy told me that hating hip hop like its disco circa 1980 makes him cooler than me.

    Air was a great performance they were up there with a live band, were you watching them or are you just basing your opinion on what you saw??heard from your buddyhead cronies?

    Also, its hilarious that your telling me I’m bitching like a little girl. Isnt that what buddyhead is all about?? Complaining about people bitching on the Internets is like complaining about people driving on the street.

    That’s what its there for.

    You and all your Rilo-Kiley-Slater-Kinney wannabe friends have fun trying to out indy each other this weekend.

  18. I agree Radiohead were weak at Coachella and Kraftwerk ruled and the live hip-hop was lame and Bright Eyes sucks.

    But c’mon dude. The Cure, Pixies, Muse, Mogwai, Cooper Temple Clause, Broken Social Scene, Death Cab, BRMC, Erase Errata, and Le Tigre all fucking owned at that show.

  19. You were born and raised by an English dude rapping about knickers? That would explain it allot. Sucks to be you. And ummm dude, you just showed me all your cardsÖ bad move. I was raised on BLACK SABBATH and LES ZEPPELIN and THE STOOGES and MINOR THREAT and BAD BRAINSÖ you might wanna check out the first three.

    But hey now Mr. Hip Hop guy, don’t get me wrong, I like rap ON RECORD when they’ve got something to say like Public Enemy or NWA did. Yes, that shit is rad. But do I wanna stand in a field and watch The Streets? NO BRO!

    Silverlake? Ironic t shirts? Youíve got the wrong guyÖ Iím not who you think I am, but nice try. And my location has nothing to do with why I’m cooler than you man… I live in West Hollywood sizzlechest.

    And yes I saw AIR… and if they had a ìlive bandî hows comes THEY DIDNT HAVE A DRUMMER? WHERE THE FUCK WHERE THE DRUM SOUNDS COMING FROM SMART GUY?!?! Yes, the one dude was playing guitar over samples and keyboards and dats yesÖ. GREAT! How excitingÖ Not.

    Buddyhead isn’t about bitching… it’s us entertaining ourselves while dorks get their panties in a bunch over what we say… just like I’m doing here on this site with you jackasses… whoís got the most comments on a post? I DO!

    And for the record, Rilo Kiley sucks shit and Sleater Kinney rock for three girls but you won’t catch me listening to it.

    Sorry everyone… my next post will be about how rad rap music is and how nice everything is…

  20. You dont have to like rap music. No one said that. I just said I’m not going to stop liking something because its popular. AIR DID have a friggin drummer at Coachella. Everyone saw him there, and he fucking kicked ass. It was what brought their whole performance to life.

    Like I said, you must not have been paying attention. Either that, or you were on really good drugs.


  21. I agree. I cant afford to go to festivals (except when they’re free.). The Stooges kicked some fucking ass at Coachella that one time. That was awesome. But! I agree, I’ve been to Coachella twice and ATP zero. Coachella is hot, dirty, with lame mallpunks throwing up and shitty music you can’t hear anyway cuz it’s so fuckin windy. That’s not my opinion of a good show, $75 or free, you can keep it America. What’s up Travis…

  22. “Arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics, even if you win, you’re retarded.”
    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. One person thought the concert sucked. The other thought it was great. That’s a matter of fucking opinion. Some people like hearing shit like Bjork (I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone there), others quite clearly don’t. Some people liked the concert, others’s didn’t. Get over it.

  23. You know what’s funny… All Tomorrow’s Parties sucked. Except for The Cramps. They fucking ruled. And that big boat, the queen mary, that was killer too.

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